Do explosive rounds do more damage Destiny 2?

Do explosive rounds do more damage Destiny 2?

4 [Destiny 2] The Black Armory. Interesting finds. Looks like explosive rounds win in pvp as well and 200 rpm scouts hit the same as 180rpm scouts without Explosive and fire faster. Trust with explosives always do more also but will have less damage when breaking shield, but still do more damage than without explosives …

Does explosive payload do more damage?

No, it doesn’t. EP, however is still one of the best perks in PvP because like you said before it reduces damage dropoff but it also increases flinch and quite alot.

What do you need for explosive rounds?

After researching a bunch of upgrades, players will eventually unlock the “Explosive Rounds” upgrade. To apply explosive rounds to a gun, players must purchase the magazine for $115,450 and use it in their Heavy Sniper Mk.

Does explosive payload stun champions?

Explosive payload – delivers bonus AoE damage even with body shots and has no range drop off. Best perk for unstoppable and overload weapons since it lets you stun champs faster, and can stun multiple champs if they are close to each other.

How many explosive bullets does it take to destroy a turret?

If you decide to go the bullet route, you’ll need about 45 rifle rounds to destroy it.

Does explosive payload increase Aim Assist?

Explosive Payload doesn’t add any extra oomph to a shot, it just converts around a third of the impact damage into solar damage and splashes a little of it onto any other ad nearby, and if the ads you are shooting at happen to have solar resistance you just end up with a really crap gun.

Is explosive payload better than timed payload?

Explosive has been identified as doing a little higher damage output optimally, while timed has a slight advantage at range.

What guns can use explosive rounds?

Special Ammo

ExpandSpecial Ammo
Type of Weapon Weapon Explosive Ammo (Magazine/Reserve)
Shotguns Pump Shotgun Mk II 8/32
Assault Rifles Assault Rifle Mk II
Carbine Rifle Mk II

How much explosive ammo do I need for a sheet door?


Door Type Explosive ammo
Wooden Door 18
Sheet Metal Door 63
Garage Door 150
Armored Door 200

Does explosive payload and range?

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