Do you need special scissors to cut felt?

Do you need special scissors to cut felt?

It’s important to use fabric scissors, even though you will be cutting paper as well. I keep a special pair of scissors just for cutting my freezer paper felt. To get the best results, the felt should be cut with sharp scissors (Micro-tip scissors are my favorite).

How do you cut felted wool?

Using paper scissors, cut around each shape on your freezer paper about 1/8″ – 1/4″ away from your tracing. This does not have to be neat. The paper can overlap on your felt as long as the pattern lines do not. Lay your new freezer paper pattern pieces, roughly cut out, on top of your felt, WAXY SIDE DOWN.

What is the easiest way to cut a felt shape?

How to Cut Felt

  1. First trace your pattern onto the matte side of the freezer paper.
  2. Iron your freezer paper (wax side down) to your felt. The wax helps to adhere the paper to the felt.
  3. Cut out your shapes.
  4. Peel paper off.

How do you cut felt without fraying?

Turn on your iron to heat up – be sure to set it to a LOW heat setting WITHOUT steam. Cut out a big square/rectangle shape around the pattern piece, and iron it onto the felt. I place a piece of cotton fabric over my felt and freezer paper when I iron to make sure I don’t damage the felt with the heat of the iron.

Do rotary cutters work on felt?

Rotary cutter – When cutting square, rectangular, or any other straight cuts of felt, I like to use my rotary cutter, a quilting ruler (I like the “Omnigrip” style as they don’t slip as much), and a cutting mat.

Can a rotary cutter cut felt?

Will a rotary cutter cut felt?

What machine is best for cutting felt?

For cutting felt we recommend the Cricut Maker. The rotary blade makes it a perfect match for felt. Read more about the Cricut Maker here. -The biggest pro to owning a manual die cutter is the ease of use -there is no tricky technology to learn and even your kindergartener can help!