Do you need to rinse Eco-Complete?

Do you need to rinse Eco-Complete?

If you are not using Aragalive, Eco-Planted, or Eco-Complete Cichlid, you should rinse the substrate first. The traditional method is to use a clean bucket and place a few pounds at a time in the bucket and rinse with water until it turns from milky to cloudy.

Can you put gravel on top of Eco-Complete?

Registered. You can mix it if you like but the eco-complete will settle to the bottom, underneath the gravel. Eventually you will have all gravel on top which sometimes makes plants harder to keep in the substrate.

Can you reuse Eco-Complete substrate?

The Eco will eventually make its way to the surface. So if you don’t want to see it, then don’t use it and get some more BDBS. Thanks. I have enough to just reuse the old by itself and if I did sand I will use it alone also.

How long does Eco-Complete last?

Eco complete has no shelf date on the product itself because it is good for many months into years if stored at room temperature. The bacteria in it are spored and do not become active unless they are exposed to a food source. To fill a tank 1 inch thick with substrate, it is roughly equivalent to 1…more.

How long does eco complete substrate last?

Some pet parents elect to change their substrates every 6 months, however this substrate helps cultivate healthy nutrients and bacteria.

Does Eco complete raise PH?

Eco-complete shouldn’t increase the pH unless you mistakenly bought eco-complete cichlid substrate.

Can I mix eco-complete with sand?

I have 2 bags of Eco Complete mixed with one of Tahitian Moon black sand & it works very well, imho. My dwarf hairgrass is doing better where the finer sand particles are more abundant than compared to where it’s more Eco Complete, plus the sand darkens the overall substrate more than just plain Eco COmplete.

Should I put sand over my substrate?

Sand (either pool filter sand or play sand) is fine. Just don’t make the layer too deep, more than 1″ as this will prevent aeration of the substrate. You never want to “smother” the soil.

Should I reuse aquarium substrate?

Generally okay, but it won’t be like new Stratum ( pH lowering etc.). As it was kept in a bucket it is also possible that some anaerobic areas developed, likely due to organics accumulated in an old soil. I recommend that you wash the substrate really well and expose it to air a few hours.

How do I save my aquarium substrate?

Store the eco-complete in a large bucket, drain out as much water as possible, and let the eco dry out outside completely, and then just bring it back in with a lid on top. Store away.

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