Does Baxter Stockman get mutated?

Does Baxter Stockman get mutated?

The Shredder presses a button on the controller that triggers the bottles on Stockman’s neck brace to crack, slowly spewing the contained ooze all over him. The Shredder and Rahzar then leave him behind to mutate.

How did Baxter Stockman become a brain?

Baxter reduced to a brain in a stasis tube. This form of coercion was used to get Stockman to create a group of Foot Mechs (robotic soldiers).

Who is Baxter Stockman?

Baxter Stockman is a brilliant but mad scientist, often allied with the Shredder and/or Krang. In almost every version, he is depicted as the creator of the Mousers, and an enemy of the Ninja Turtles.

Why was Baxter Stockman white?

In the original comics, Baxter Stockman was an African-American scientist. But in the 1987 cartoon series, the producers pulled a Michael Jackson on him and changed him from black to white.

What happened to Baxter Stockman TMNT 2012?

Stockman, Rahzar, and Fishface are all electrocuted when the sprinklers are activated by Donatello.

How old is Baxter Stockman?


Baxter Stockman
Enemies Ninja Turtles
Age 34
Voiced by Phil Lamarr
First Appearance I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman (Baxter Stockman) The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman (Stockman-Fly)

What happens to Baxter Stockman?

Stockman was ultimately electrocuted and destroyed. In volume 4 of TMNT, it was revealed that Donatello kept the remnants of Stockman’s cyborg body. When the turtle discovered that Stockman injected April with nanobots, making her sterile, Donatello destroyed everything left of Stockman.

What episode does Baxter Stockman turn into a fly 2012?

The Lonely Mutation Of Baxter Stockman
Stockman mutated into a fly in “The Lonely Mutation Of Baxter Stockman”.

Why is Baxter Stockman a fly?

From then on, Stockman became a lackey for the Shredder. During one of Shredder’s schemes, Stockman was thrown into a portal to Dimension X. While there, a housefly on Stockman’s clothing intermingled with his molecules, mutating Stockman into a humanoid-fly creature.

What happened to Baxter Stockman in TMNT?

After promising and failing Shredder time and again to deliver a mutant army to take down the Turtles, former TCRI employee Baxter Stockman is mutated into a buggy pest when Shredder decides that he has had enough.

Why is Leo the leader of the turtles?

Overall, Leo acts as a big brother to the turtles and as a teacher’s pet to Master Splinter. He was chosen to be the leader because of his willingness not by his skill. Leo is the most mature out of all his brothers, aside from Donnie, always acting like a guide and sometimes even a parent to his brothers.

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