Does cuphea need sun?

Does cuphea need sun?

Cuphea loves hot, sunny conditions and well-drained soil. In fact, cuphea will rot if it stays wet too long so don’t force it to grow in mucky soil. The plants will tolerate light shade, but won’t flower as well and may grow a bit tall and lanky.

How do you take care of a cuphea plant?

Grow in full sun in average, well-drained soil that stays evenly moist. Once established, plants can tolerate dryer growing conditions. Fertilize twice a month in summer with a water-soluble fertilizer (such as 15-30-15) to keep plants flowering all season long.

How big do cuphea get?

Bat-faced cuphea produces many stems (L) with pointed, hairy ovate leaves (R). Plants can grow up to 2½ feet tall, but when grown as seasonal annuals generally only become 12-18 inches tall with an equal spread. They have a rounded, bushy habit and the foliage remains fresh all season if watered sufficiently.

How big do Cuphea get?

How do I overwinter cuphea?

Temperatures should remain between 45 and 55 degrees F ideally, or at least above freezing. These cool temperatures help prevent insect problems as an added benefit. The goal with sunny and cool is to keep plants from growing, or growing very slowly, most the winter.

Can you grow Cuphea indoors?

Cigar plant, also known botanically as Cuphea ignea, has made a recent comeback in our landscapes. This tender perennial, hardy in zones 10 and 11, can be grown as an annual flower in the garden or as a houseplant indoors.

What is Cuphea used for?

Cuphea has also been shown to improve agricultural crops in North America when used in crop rotation. Crop rotation is commonly practiced among farmers to improve soil quality, control host-specific pests, and decrease the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

How big does a Cuphea grow?

about 40cm
This small shrub only grows about 40cm (15″) tall. The red and purple flowers resemble mouse ears, hence its name. Flowering begins in spring and continues through to autumn. ‘Tiny Mice’ likes a position in full sun or part shade, and is frost and salt tolerant.