Does Delta hire people with disabilities?

Does Delta hire people with disabilities?

“I think it’s wonderful that Delta does everything it can to provide opportunities for and accommodations to people with disabilities,” said Nakashima, Supervisor — Brand Advisor and Customer Experience (SLC) and president of ABLE, Delta’s employee group representing the interests of disabled employees.

For which of the following passenger disabilities or special needs does Delta Air Lines provide accessible services?

Flight and Gate Information Gate agents also provide verbal flight information including boarding announcements at the gate. We also provide additional resources for passengers who have sensory disabilities such as being Blind, Low Vision, Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

What is the best way to assist a customer with an intellectual or developmental disability Delta Air Lines?

If you need assistance at the airport, ask our customer service personnel. They can assist or direct you to a Complaint Resolution Official (CRO). Our CROs have been specially trained to resolve issues related to Department of Transportation (DOT) disability regulations and Delta policies on disability.

What is special services Delta?

Complete this form if you need extra assistance on your flight – such as a need for a medical device, special seating or to bring a service animal. If you have a request for services such as Wheelchairs, Special Meals, Peanut Allergies, Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Blind/Low vision, visit My Trips Special Service requests.

What is special assistance at airport?

What is a special assistance? This is the assistance that the airport employee provides to the passenger. Disabled persons with reduced mobility may use this service. Depending on the needs of the passenger, the employee can help him in the check-in process and when boarding the plane.

Does Delta have wheelchair assistance?

Delta-Provided Wheelchair Services You can request this wheelchair service in My Trips after you have booked your flight, or by calling us at 404-209-3434, opens in a new window. When you arrive at the airport, notify a Delta representative that you require wheelchair service to your departure gate.

How does Delta board a passenger who is a wheelchair user?

We offer wheelchair assistants who will guide you through the terminal, security and to your gate. Once at the gate, our wheelchair assistants will bring you near one of our gate agents for assistance in boarding.

Can I get assistance at airport?

When you arrive at the airport you should go to as assistance point. This can be inside or outside of the terminal. Assistance points will usually have some type of disability related logo, and include a buzzer or telephone to enable you to call for assistance should they not be staffed at that time.

Can someone help me at the airport?

Special assistance is also provided after the flight – an airport employee can help you get off the plane and aid with the baggage collecting process and security procedures. Some airports and airlines have special rooms for people with disabilities in their offer.

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