Does Dubai have Metro?

Does Dubai have Metro?

Dubai Metro, with its Red and Green lines, is one of the most advanced and modern rail systems.

Is Dubai Metro free?

The fare is charged at the end of the journey and is dependent on the number of zones passed through. The fare is deducted when the card is tapped on one of the card readers located at the exits of Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram stations, buses, or water buses.

What is Metro called in Dubai?

The Red Line is one of the two lines on the Dubai Metro network in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Red Line runs from Rashidiya in the east to Jebel Ali in the west and travels parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road for most of its length….Red Line (Dubai Metro)

Red Line
Type Rapid transit
System Dubai Metro
Operator(s) Serco

Is Metro good in Dubai?

This is a cheap and efficient way to get around Dubai. The trains are driverless and very clean and always on time. The standard class carriages get extremely busy throughout the day so I strongly recommend spending a few extra dirhams for gold class if you can afford it.

How much does Dubai Metro cost?

Dubai Metro Fares (Prices)

Ticket Type 1 Zone or <3km 2 zones 3+ Zones
Standard Adult Ticket (Red) 4 dirhams 8.50 dirhams
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol) 3 dirhams 7.50 dirhams
Concessionary (Blue Nol Card) 1.50 dirhams 3.75 dirhams
Gold Class (Red Ticket) 8 dirhams 17 dirhams

How much are Dubai Metro tickets?

Can I carry luggage in Dubai Metro?

You can carry two pieces of luggage with you on a Dubai Metro train – one large suitcase (no bigger than 81cm x 58cm x 30cm) and one carry-on bag (no bigger than 55cm x 38 cm x 20cm).

Does Dubai Metro run all night?

The Dubai Metro runs every day of the week. Operating times for both the Red Line and Green Line are: Monday to Thursday – 5 am to 1.15 am (next day) Friday/Saturday – 5 am to 2.15 am (next day)

Can I take luggage on Dubai Metro?