Does Ionic work on iOS?

Does Ionic work on iOS?

Because of this foundation in web technologies, Ionic can run anywhere the web runs — iOS, Android, browsers, PWAs, and more.

Is Ionic front-end?

Ionic is an open source front-end framework for development of hybrid mobile apps. It allows to use well-known web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Sass, and AngularJS. Ionic is an open source front-end framework for development of hybrid mobile apps.

Is Ionic reliable?

Comparison Chart

Flutter Ionic
Native API access Native plugin library, using Flutter native packages Native plugin library, using Cordova and Capacitor
Offline access Yes Yes
Mobile performance Excellent Very Good
Web performance Poor Excellent

What apps use Ionic?

10 most popular Ionic Apps

  1. Sworkit. Sworkit is a cross-platform app that uses the Ionic framework in order to run on both iOS and Android.
  2. JustWatch. JustWatch is a streaming search engine app that also uses Ionic.
  3. McDonald’s Türkiye.
  4. McLaren Automotive.
  5. Honeyfi.
  6. MarketWatch.
  7. ChefSteps.
  8. Diesel.

Is Ionic popular?

Ionic is by far the most popular cross-platform mobile development framework available today. In fact, after this year’s developer survey, the Ionic team found that 86% of the participants said they use Ionic in their work.

Who owns Ionic?

Max Lynch
Ionic was founded in 2012 by developer and designer duo, Max Lynch and Ben Sperry. At the time, using web technologies as a means to build native apps was still in its infancy.

Is Ionic dead?

Choosing the wrong development framework – for example, Xamarin or Ionic – will lead to serious problems later. You don’t want to choose a dead or moribund development framework. According to AppBrain, Ionic held 3.2% of the app development market in July 2019. That number isn’t going up, according to the chart above.

Is Ionic famous?

Is Ionic worth learning 2021?

Yes, ionic framework is worth learning in 2021 and has become future-proof, ensuring that no matter what new Java Script framework pops up tomorrow, you can rest assured that your knowledge of ionic framework will always be relevant.

What’s the latest version of ionic?

Ionic (mobile app framework)

Developer(s) Drifty
Stable release 5.6.12 / 21 July 2021
Written in JavaScript
Type Software framework

Which is better ionic or flutter?

If you want to develop a PWA and hybrid applications, you should go with Ionic. On the other hand, you are not emphasizing on building web applications, you should not go with Flutter. Ionic features an easy learning curve due to open web technologies, while Flutter is limited to Dart.

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