Does Neji become Jounin?

Does Neji become Jounin?

Instead of being made a Chunin, Neji was directly promoted to the rank of Jonin, which made him the youngest Jonin from his generation of shinobi.

What does Neji Hyuga wear?

He wore dark brown shorts, blue shinobi sandals, and wrapped bandages around his right arm, chest, and right leg.

How did Neji get his curse mark?

The cursed seal, activated. Members of the branch house are branded with the cursed seal on the third birthday of the clan’s next heir or heiress, regardless of their own age at the time: Neji received his when he was only four years old, when Hinata turned three.

What does a jonin wear?

Flak jackets are usually worn by chunin and jonin over their normal clothing in most villages, although the design varies among the villages. Although they are called jackets, they look more like a vest, or other similar garments. The jackets are among the most iconic pieces of shinobi equipment.

Why does Neji have a tattoo?

Neji grew up with a lot of secrets. One of which was he could be killed by the main branch at any time for any reason. He hides the tattoo that allows this, as it is imprinted obviously into his forehead. And the purpose of this is to maintain subservience into his branch of the family into the main clan.

How old was Neji when he became a jonin?

5 Neji Hyuga Became The Youngest Jonin Of His Generation At 15. Of all the Konoha 11, Neji Hyuga was the first one to be promoted to jonin level. Even though he failed the Chunin Exams the first time around, he participated in them again when they took place in the Sand Village.

Why do jonin wear the Uzumaki symbol?

Following the founding of Konohagakure at the end of the Warring States Period, the Senju chose to symbolise their clans’ friendship by adding the Uzumaki’s emblem to Konoha’s flak jackets.

Why did the jonin vest change?

There’s a few possible reasons as far as the Naruto-verse goes: Practicality. With advanced technology (and the general passage of time) it stands to believe that things would improve. Maybe the multitudes of breast pockets/slots were no longer necessary, so they decided to go with a completely different design.

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