Does The Economist automatically renew?

Does The Economist automatically renew?

Most of our subscriptions are auto-renewing, so you won’t need to do anything to continue enjoying our fair minded journalism. Your order confirmation email will state the date and amount of your next renewal payment.

How do I cancel my economist auto renewal?

How to cancel The Economist subscription in easy steps

  1. Visit The Economist’s customer services centres website:
  2. Contact your regional centre via phone or email.
  3. Provide your name, address and customer reference number.
  4. Confirm you wish to cancel your subscription.

How do I activate my economist subscription?

Click on ‘My account’ to go to your account page. Click on ‘My Subscription’ tab and scroll down to click on ‘Activate now’ to activate full access to The Economist online. Enter your Customer Reference Number (CRN) and click on ‘ACTIVATE SUBSCRIPTION’ to enjoy your full access to The Economist online.

How can I get free Economist subscription?

You can register for a free account here. By registering for a free account you can access a limited number of articles for free per month on the website. You can also sign up for our free newsletters, such as our daily The Economist Today and fortnightly Climate Issue.

How much is a yearly subscription to the Economist?

The Economist Magazine 1-Year Print & Digital Subscription $86.99 | Digital Only $59.99.

How do I check my economist subscription?

You can manage your Google Play subscription, including removing the auto-renewal feature by opening the ‘Play Store’ app on your device, clicking on ‘Menu’, then ‘Subscriptions’ and selecting the desired app. From here you’ll be able to change your subscription package and cancel your subscription.

Can you get a refund for The Economist?

If your use of the Site or any Subscription is terminated by The Economist Group, you will be entitled to receive a refund of any credits or pre-payments which remain unused at the time of termination unless such use is terminated because you are in breach of these Terms (which will be determined solely by The …

How do I subscribe to The Economist magazine?

To subscribe to The Economist:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the package that’s right for you (you can change this at any time).
  3. Create an account by entering your email and password.
  4. Enter your payment details. We accept all major credit/debit cards, as well as Paypal.

How much does an economist subscription cost?

The Economist Magazine 1-Year Print & Digital Subscription $86.99 | Digital Only $59.99 | TechBargains.

Can you share economist subscription?

Each registration and subscription is for the personal use of the Registered User or subscriber only. You may not share your log-in details or password with any other person. You may not share or transfer your subscription.

Can I share my economist subscription with my wife?

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