Does the National Guard fly planes?

Does the National Guard fly planes?

The Air National Guard has three rescue and recovery squadrons that fly HH-60 helicopters and HC-130 aircraft. These units provide important lifesaving capabilities and services to civilian and military agencies.

What model of C 130s are stationed at Rosecrans?

Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft
The 180th Airlift Squadron is located at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base, Saint Joseph, Missouri. It is part of the 139th Airlift Wing, Missouri Air National Guard, and operationally flies the Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft. It was among the first Air National Guard units that received federal recognition.

What is the difference between C 130H and C 130J?

On the C-130H, there are four blades on each propeller. On the C-130J, there are six blades. The “J” is also faster. It’s top speed is 417 mph, up from 366 in the “H.” And it can hold more weight (164,000 pounds vs 155,000 pounds) and travel farther (2,000+ miles vs 1,208 miles at “maximum normal payload”).

What happened to the 130th Tactical Airlift Squadron?

A model upgrade to the C-130H in 1986 was completed and in August and September 1990, the 130th TAG commanded a “volunteer” package of 16 C-130s and support personnel from WV, TN, TX, MO and DE ANG units in support of Operation Desert Shield. October 1990 saw the Presidential Call of selected members from the 130th Tactical Airlift Squadron comb…

When did the 130th Air Force get expanded to a wing?

Organizationally, the 130th was expanded to a Wing status in 1995. From January to March 1996, the unit deployed 2 aircraft, 6 crews and maintenance support to Daharan, Saudi Arabia, in support of Operation Southern Watch.

What does 130 as stand for?

The 130th Airlift Squadron (130 AS) is a unit of the West Virginia Air National Guard 130th Airlift Wing located at Charleston Air National Guard Base, Charleston, West Virginia. 130th is equipped with the C-130J Super Hercules . The West Virginia Air National Guard was authorized to expand to two squadrons in 1955 by the National Guard Bureau.

Where is the 130th Airlift Wing in WV?

130th Airlift Wing. The 130th Airlift Wing (130 AW) is a unit of the West Virginia Air National Guard, stationed at McLaughlin Air National Guard Base, Charleston, West Virginia. If activated to federal service, the Wing is gained by the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command.