For which sampling plan the OC curve will?

For which sampling plan the OC curve will?

The OC (Operating Characteristics) Curve shows how well the acceptance sampling plan works, that is, it shows the probability of accepting lots coming in with various amount of defective items.

Which distribution is used to determine the OC curve for attributes sampling plan?

Effect of N, n, and c on the OC curve The Hypergeometric distribution is used to calculate the probability of acceptance for any plan (N, n, c) whereas the Binomial distribution is used for any plan (n, c).

What is done in double sampling plan?

A double sampling plan consists of a first and total sample size with associated acceptance and rejection number(s). Inspection of the first sample leads to a decision to accept, to reject, or to take a second sample and the examination of a second sample, when required, always leads to a decision to accept or reject.

What is an ideal OC curve?

o Ideal OC Curve: o When percentage of Non-Conforming items are Below prescribed level Pa is 100%. And more than it makes Pa 0%. o Ideal OC Curve Can be Obtained By 100% Inspection. o Dividing line of Probability of acceptance Between 0 to 100% is AQL.

What is OC curve?

The operating characteristic (OC) curve measures the performance of an accepting sampling plan. This curve plots the probability of accepting the lot versus proportion non– conforming.

What is OC curve in statistics?

The operating characteristic (OC) curve depicts the discriminatory power of an acceptance sampling plan. The OC curve plots the probabilities of accepting a lot versus the fraction defective. When the OC curve is plotted, the sampling risks are obvious.

What is double sampling plan?

A sampling plan in which a decision about the acceptance or rejection of a lot is based on two samples that have been inspected is known as a double sampling plan. The double sampling plan is used when a clear decision about acceptance or rejection of a lot cannot be taken on the basis of a single sample.

How many parameters are there in double sampling plan?

Further, because this method has five parameters (n 1, n 2, c 1, c 2, c 3), double sampling plans can be developed to accord well with required characteristics of the inspection method (e.g. AOQL, producer’s and consumer’s risks).

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