How big are the waves at Venice Beach today?

How big are the waves at Venice Beach today?

Current Surf Report for Venice Beach Current Conditions

Low 1:39AM 1.08ft
High 7:23AM 4.07ft
Low 1:26PM 0.56ft
High 7:48PM 5.12ft

Does Venice Beach FL have waves?

About Venice Beach They don’t typically hold as much size as the North Jetties on tropical SW swells, but their waves are often steeper, faster and hollower during the more frequent wintertime lows. A-frames abound when the stars align. As consistent as a surf spot can get in West Florida.

Where is magic seaweed based?

the United Kingdom
The Huntington Beach brand will allow even more surfers around the globe to plan surf trips and check conditions at their local beach breaks, after announcing Tuesday, Oct. 3, it acquired Magicseaweed, based in the United Kingdom.

Can you surf in Venice Beach?

Venice Beach Not only does it host an eclectic boardwalk, but lots of volleyball, rollerblading and biking. Plus it’s adjacent to Santa Monica with its popular pier and some pretty decent surfing of its own. The surfing at Venice is good for all levels. This is the place to surf if you want to be seen.

What is the water temperature in Venice Beach?

Today’s Venice Pier sea temperature is 58 °F.

What is the water temperature in Venice Beach California?

Who owns Magicseaweed?

Magicseaweed was acquired by Surfstitch on May 13, 2015 .

What does red mean on Magicseaweed?

Green is good, red is bad. It’s simple and it’s no substitute for a personal interpretation, but our new ‘traffic light’ gives you a great chance to spot that little window of lighter winds at the end of the day.

How cold is the water at Venice Beach?

(Los Angeles County, USA) Today’s Venice Pier sea temperature is 60 °F.

What is Venice Beach known for?

Venice Beach is famous the world over for being the playground by the sea for Southern Californians. It is especially well known for its eclectic oceanfront boardwalk. The beach itself offers prime surfing and sunbathing opportunities as well as a plethora of recreational activities, and restaurants.

Where is the water warmest in Florida?

If you want to experience the warmest water in Florida, you should head to Key West. Key West, home of the Southernmost Point in the United States, enjoys warm water temps year-round.