How big is a runabout in Star Trek?

How big is a runabout in Star Trek?

The Deep Space Nine Technical Manual gives the runabout’s dimensions as 23.1 metres (76 ft) long, 13.7 metres (45 ft) wide, and 5.4 metres (18 ft) high. The runabouts have a two-person flight crew, and can carry two other crew.

How many people does a runabout hold?

With seating for four people, aft-section living accommodations including bunks and food replicators, and a two-person transporter, the runabout was capable of more protracted missions than a standard Federation shuttlecraft or shuttlepod.

How many runabouts did Deep Space Nine destroy?

The original three runabouts assigned to Deep Space 9: Rio Grande, Yangtzee Kiang, and Ganges. During the first four seasons, they were being destroyed and replaced at a pace of one per season.

Are runabouts warp capable?

A runabout was a spacecraft type introduced by Starfleet in the late 2360s. Runabouts were warp-capable vessels between a shuttle and a starship in size, and capable of being operated by one crew member, although two or more was preferred. They featured expanded cargo and passenger capability over shuttles.

What is the meaning of runabout?

Definition of runabout 1 : one who wanders about : stray. 2 : a light usually open wagon, car, or motorboat.

Why are runabouts named after rivers?

I believe it’s the ship captain’s/station commander’s choice to either name the auxiliary vessels themselves or delegate it to someone under their command. The class of the runabout vessel is the Danube, my guess would be since that’s a river it was the inspiration to name them all after terrestrial rivers.

What is the difference between a runabout and a shuttlecraft?

Runabouts were slightly larger than shuttlecraft but smaller than starships. Runabouts were warp-capable, had personal transporters and usually had a crew of four personnel. Properly fitted, they could function as transports, scientific vehicles or medical evacuation vehicles.

How fast is a runabout?

Maximum Boat Speed For Typical Boat Types Boat Type Maximum Speed
12 Center Console Boat 56 knots or 64 mph
13 Ski Boats 31 knots or 36 mph
14 Runabout Boats 52 knots or 60 mph
15 Game Boat 25 knots 28 mph

How do you use run about?

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