How can I check my KAHRAMAA bill?

How can I check my KAHRAMAA bill?

View Bills Online

  1. Login with username and password at KAHRAMAA website.
  2. Click on the “Receipts” link.
  3. Select the payment method as “All Receipts” from dropdown box and press “View Receipts” button to view the bills.

How do you pay Karama online?

  1. Description. You can select any of the following payment channels KAHRAMAA provides to pay your electricity and water bills:
  2. KAHRAMAA Website. Online payments can be made through KAHRAMAA website.
  3. KAHRAMAA Mobile App.
  4. Ooredoo Self-Service Machines (SSM)
  5. KAHRAMAA Partner Banks.
  6. Additional Information.

What is customer number in KAHRAMAA?

Customer Number is very important element to authenticate your registration at KAHRAMAA Customers’ Portal; and you are advised to keep it in safe place and do not disclose it to anyone. Means ID Number shown in the Qatari Identity Card issued by Ministry of Interior – Qatar for Qataris and Expatriates.

How can I pay KAHRAMAA by cash?

Bill payments can be completed at any QNB ATM using cash and debit or credit cards, issued by any bank in Qatar. KAHRAMAA customers can enter their electricity numbers to view their current billable amount and complete payments.

How do I apply KAHRAMAA online?

To apply for the services, the applicant should have a mobile & email registered in KAHRAMAA database, and a registered login ID on KAHRAMAA website. As well, the applicant should provide e- copy of approvals from authorities & certifying documents.

How can I transfer my KAHRAMAA account?

Online Instructions

  1. Login using the username and password.
  2. Enter the electricity number.
  3. Enter the date of moving to the new premises.
  4. Enter the e-mail and mobile number.
  5. Enter the P.O Box and address.
  6. Attach a copy of the tenant QID/establishment ID.
  7. A copy of the rental agreement and owner ID.
  8. Click “Send”.

How do I pay my KAHRAMAA deposit?

Online Instructions

  1. Fill out the online form, entering all required information.
  2. Attach a copy of the tenant ID/establishment ID.
  3. A copy of the rental agreement.
  4. A copy of the owner ID.
  5. Accept KAHRAMAA terms and conditions.
  6. Click “Submit”.

How do I register for Karama online?

Register Online

  1. Enter your QID.
  2. Select a username and password.
  3. Click “Register”.
  4. Enter the activation code sent to your mobile.

How do I register for KAHRAMAA Qatar?

Activate KAHRAMAA Account

  1. Complete the registration process on KAHRAMAA online portal.
  2. Visit any of KAHRAMAA service centers.
  3. Submit your QID.

How can I pay my electricity bill through ATM?


  1. Visit the nearest deposit machine.
  2. Click on any button on the ATM.
  3. Select English.
  4. Select Bill Payment.
  5. Select Category.
  6. Enter the bill number that you want to pay.
  7. Deposit the money into the machine, you can put a round figure.
  8. Take Receipt.

How can I register Kahramaa Qatar?

How can I register in Kahramaa app?

Was this service helpful?…Register Online

  1. Enter your QID.
  2. Select a username and password.
  3. Click “Register”.
  4. Enter the activation code sent to your mobile.

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