How can I deactivate my Viber account if I lost my phone together with the SIM card?

How can I deactivate my Viber account if I lost my phone together with the SIM card?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can deactivate Viber by reactivating your account with the same phone number on a new phone. Viber will be closed on the old device after you set it up on a fresh mobile phone with the same number.

Does Viber delete inactive accounts?

Deleting Viber vs deactivating account But if you do delete the Viber app, the following will happen: Your Viber address book gets removed from the servers after 45 days. Your phone number, which is your Viber account number, will be decoupled from the service after one year of inactivity.

How do I remove my email from Viber?

Disconnect your email by going to the edit details screen and removing your email address.

What happens when you deactivate Viber account?

The app will simply be uninstalled, but your account information will still exist. This means that if you install it again, you could sign into the same account again. In other words, if you uninstall Viber, you will lose all the chat history if you never backup but you won’t lose contacts.

How can I delete Viber messages on both sides?

2.1 Delete selective Viber chats

  1. Launch Viber and open any chat on which you have the messages that you wish to delete.
  2. Long press and hold a message to get various options. You can just select multiple messages as well.
  3. From here, choose to delete the message and it will be disappeared from the thread.

Will Delete for everyone on Viber let the other person know you deleted the message?

Deleting Messages on Viber Whether you own an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone, or an Android tablet, permanently deleting Viber messages for everyone is possible. It is very simple to do and intuitive, but keep in mind that everyone in your chat will know that you’ve deleted a message, whatever its type.

How do you know if someone has uninstalled Viber?

If you communicate someone with Viber previously but user currently have disabled/delete Viber account, Viber apps on your side just stop showing his/her contact details on ‘Viber Only’ tab of contact list.

Can I use Viber with different number?

If you put in a new SIM card, Viber will detect it. You can choose to change your phone number to the one attached to the SIM or keep the number you’re already using on Viber.

Can I login to Viber without my phone?

With Viber on your desktop, you can send and receive messages, enjoy group calls, create stickers, and more, as your devices seamlessly sync. Take a look at our Supported Platforms to see if your desktop version is supported.

How can I delete my Viber chat history permanently?

Please note that deleted data cannot be restored.

  1. Open Viber on your Phone.
  2. Tap on More (Android) (iOS)
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Tap on Privacy.
  5. Tap on Personal data.
  6. Tap on Delete your data.
  7. Tap on Delete data.
  8. Tap on Delete.

How do you delete for everyone after Delete for me Viber?

If you have already deleted a message for yourself, you cannot deleted it for everyone. I suggest you try to restore your backup by reinstalling Viber. Once your backup restored, select the message you want to delete and choose Delete for everyone.

How do I delete a chat on both sides on Viber?

Tap and hold the message that you wish to delete to get more options. You can also tap and select multiple messages to delete. Step 3. From the available options, tap on “Delete for everyone” so that the message would be erased from the chat.