How can I get exam view?

How can I get exam view?

Select the program you are using. Click the Tools option in the toolbar at the top of the Table of Contents page.. Select ExamView Download for Windows or Mac. Your browser will ask you to save the zip file to your computer or automatically start, depending on your settings.

What is exam viewer?

ExamView is a learning management solution that allows instructors to create assignments, launch classroom assessment questions and collect real-time responses.

What is ExamView player?

The ExamView Test Player is a separate program that lets your students take a test at a computer. Depending on the selected options, students can check their own work, receive feedback for incorrect responses and print a detailed report.

How do I use ExamView Student?

To use ExamView Student, you must log in using a Student ID, an Online Test ID, and a test password. 1 Open ExamView Student. 2 Enter your assigned Student ID provided by your instructor in the Student ID field. TIP You must enter your Student ID to exactly match your instructor’s records.

How do I update ExamView?

Open ExamView. Click the Help menu and select Check for Software Updates, and then reopen and select for Content Updates. Click OK to download and install any available updates.

How do I download ExamView for Mac?

Sign-in using your Turning technologies ExamView access account (the same account when logging into the ExamView software). Click Downloads tab. Download the TurningPoint desktop (Mac).

What is ExamView Assessment Suite?

The ExamView® Assessment Suite allows you to quickly and easily create, administer, and score paper and online tests. The ExamView® Assessment Suite includes the ExamView® Test Generator, ExamView® Test Manager, and ExamView® Test Player. G-W test banks are installed simultaneously with the software.

Does ExamView work on Mac?

If you have access to a Mac computer that is running Mac OS 10.14 or lower, you can install ExamView on that computer and have all the features you are familiar with.

Does ExamView work on Chromebook?

ExamView Student allows you to answer ExamView questions using Chromebook. The ExamView Student app allows students to use their web-enabled mobile device or computer to respond to questions. Student responses are collected in ExamView Assessment Suite desktop software.

What is ExamView pro?

Pros: ExamView allows the instructors to create custom exams with many different options. Allows the instructors to scramble the answers and questions per exam or per printing.

Is ExamView compatible with Mac?

ExamView v6. 2+ files are cross platform, meaning you can use your files on both a Mac (with macOS 10.14 or earlier) and a PC.