How can I get ownership certificate in Kerala?

How can I get ownership certificate in Kerala?

How to get Possession Certificate in Kerala

  1. Visit the Akshaya Center closest to you.
  2. Ask for an application form for a possession certificate from the Center.
  3. Fill in the details for the online form with help from a staff at the center.
  4. Once you have filled in all the details, click on Submit.

What is ownership certificate Kerala?

Possession certificate is a document which a property seller gives to a buyer stating the possession date of the property. Possession certificate is issued by concerned Tahsildar in Rural areas and RDO in urban areas.

How can I change ownership of a building in Kerala?

Property Ownership in Kerala – 9 must have documents

  1. Land Tax Receipt.
  2. Possession certificate, Possession & Non Attachment Certificate.
  3. Location Sketch & Location Certificate.
  4. Encumbrance Certificate.
  5. Thandaper Register.
  6. Valuation Certificate.
  7. Legal Heirship Certificate.
  8. Basic Tax Register (BTR)

Can we pay house tax online in Kerala?

Adding another feather, Kerala has implemented Sanchaya online services to collect fee and building taxes / property taxes through online. Now citizen can pay their building tax, rent, professional tax, and license fee without going to concerned LSG offices (Panchayat / Municipality / Corporation).

What is a certificate of ownership?

Certificate of ownership means a paper or an electronic record that is issued in another state or a foreign jurisdiction and that indicates ownership of a vehicle.

Which documents are required for possession certificate in Kerala?

Possession Certificate

  • Aadhaar Card.
  • Land Tax.
  • Proof of ownership of property.
  • Encumbrance certificate (evidence that the property in question is free from any monetary and legal liabilities)
  • Voters ID.

What is the purpose of ownership certificate?

Ownership certificate is given to the individual who owns a property such as a house, a land or commercial space. This certificate proves that the person is the sole owner of the property with all legal rights and there is no dispute regarding its ownership.

How do you prove ownership of land?

To officially prove ownership of a property, you will require Official Copies of the register and title plan; these are what people commonly refer to as title deeds because they are the irrefutable proof of ownership of a property.

How can I transfer property in Kerala?

Documents Required for Property Registration in Kerala

  1. Proof of ownership.
  2. Certified copy of original old sale deed, assessment of MC or mutation.
  3. Identify proof (Ration Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card or PAN Card)
  4. NOC.
  5. ID proof of two witness.
  6. Map plan and description of immovable property.

What is BTR in Kerala?

BTR stands for Basic Tax Register In real Estate. It is the register to kept in the village office to know the nature of property and who is the land owner. From BTR you can know it’s a agriculture land or residential land to avoid issues in future. Prev Post. Used furnitures in Thrissur for saving Money.

How can I check ownership of land in Kerala?

Visit official website and click on Verification Tab on the home page. On the next page, fill the landowner details like name, address, email, phone number, etc. Also fill the land details like survey number, district, village, taluka, etc. Enter the document type, purpose, and other document …

How is property tax paid in Kerala?

Property owners in Kerala have the option to pay property tax online as well as offline. They need to physically visit the office of the respective urban local body to make the payment, on the other hand, residents of Kerala can pay the charge online on Sanchaya portal.

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