How can I improve my CAT number system?

How can I improve my CAT number system?

CAT Number System Tips and Tricks:

  1. You should understand the basic definitions of numbers.
  2. Make sure you learn all prime numbers till 100.
  3. Advanced topics such as number of zeroes or the highest power, unit’s digit, digital root and Euler number should be covered thoroughly.

Can I skip number system for CAT?

To summarize, you should not skip any topic while preparing for Quantitative Aptitude of CAT exam – at least cover the basics so that you can solve the sitters.

Is number system and important topic in CAT?

Questions on Number System is still relevant and plays an essential role in CAT quantitative section. The topic is quite vast and is full of tricks and shortcuts formulas that help the students solve the questions quickly.

What topics come under number system for CAT?

CAT Number System Syllabus

  • Properties of numbers.
  • Divisibility rules.
  • Factorization.
  • Concepts of HCF and LCM.
  • Concepts of finding remainders.
  • Unit digits and last two digits.
  • Factorial based problems.
  • Base system.

Is algebra important for cat?

Algebra is one of the most important topics when it comes to Quantitative Aptitude portion of the CAT 2015 Exam. The most number of questions in Quant, get asked either from Algebra or from Geometry. Even in Algebra, the chapter Functions has the most weightage.

How many questions come from number system in CAT?

Expected Topics and Number of Questions

Topics Number of Expected Questions
Arithmetic Questions 9-11
Algebra 5-6
Number System 4-5
Others 2-3

Is number system important for cat Quora?

Number system is very important for CAT as it will be needed while solving other question type also. CAT always combines two different topics like modern maths+number system. So, learning it from basics is must.

How many questions are asked in number system in CAT?

Each year, approximately 2-3 questions are asked from the Number System. In CAT exam there were 1-2 questions in all the 3 Slots from the Number System.

Is algebra in CAT tough?

While the fundamentals of algebra are not difficult to master, the challenge is to retain them in order to wade through the complexity of questions.

Is binomial theorem important for CAT?

CAT Binomial Theorem is a part of the Quantitative Aptitude section. In CAT Question Paper, questions will not be directly asked from Binomial Theorem but will be based on the concepts of the topic. Candidates can easily solve such questions if they have gone through the basic concepts once.

How do I create a number system for CAT Quora?

  1. You really need to understand the basic classification of numbers.
  2. Be curious and know more than what’s required.
  3. Don’t fall for the name of the concept.
  4. Play with numbers.
  5. Alternate solution i: 17^44=17^4=89^2=11^2=21.
  6. So always try to find simpler/alternate ways of solving questions.
  7. Don’t give up.
  8. All the best!

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