How can I make my swing longer?

How can I make my swing longer?

The key to fixing a short backswing in golf is to increase your hip turn; make a bigger shoulder turn; and hinge your wrists properly in the takeaway. If you can do each of these things, you will add length, power and distance to your game.

What is long swing in golf?

The longer the swing, typically the easier it is to generate more speed in the golf swing. The longer backswing gives the golfer more opportunity and time to generate speed. Another key component in the longer swing is that it gives the golfer more tipe to turn both the hips and the shoulders further back.

Is it OK to have a long golf swing?

The length of a backswing can have a lot of impact on how the club face comes in to contact with the golf ball. If your backswing is too long, then there’s more time for the club face and path to drift away from ideal, resulting in a shot you didn’t want. The reason for this is that it throws off your timing.

Is a short backswing better?

Beginner golfers can significantly benefit from a shorter swing. A shorter swing will help to keep the game more straightforward from the beginning. What is this? As you get better and the golf swing feels more natural, you can slowly increase until the club is parallel to the ground at the top of your backswing.

Do you need a long backswing?

A longer swing usually offers more power potential – although there are several other factors that come into play as to whether your body can harness that extra swing length. Most long driver golfers have much longer swings.

Are short backswings better?

Why am I coming up short with my irons?

Practice your alignment, ball position, posture and balance with the help of a professional instructor. Poor fundamentals can cause short shots. Failing to complete your follow through or not properly shifting your weight during the swing also can cause iron shots to fall short.