How can I upgrade my AirAsia ticket?

How can I upgrade my AirAsia ticket?

Kindly proceed to Airport Sales Counter at least 3 hours or 4 hours before the schedule time of departure for AirAsia or AirAsia X flight respectively. Please note that changes can only be made 2 hours before your original flight.

What is hot seat AirAsia?

Hot Seats are seats located in the forward cabin or with extra legroom. Xpress Boarding is available for guests who booked Hot Seat (effective 1st January 2022).

Does AirAsia have business class?

AirAsia X doesn’t have a Business Class cabin. However, its Premium Economy cabin is very similar to Business Class on other airlines.

What is the difference between hot seat and standard seat AirAsia?

a) Economy / Standard: Any reclining leather seat(s) in the aircraft with the exception of bulkhead and emergency exit row seats. b) Hot Seat: Any emergency exit row seat(s) or bulkhead seats including bassinets for infants, available upon request. Guests can indulge in extra legroom and even more spacious seats.

How do I upgrade to premium flatbed on AirAsia X?

To upgrade to Premium Flatbed, AirAsia X has partnered with travel site Optiontown, which allows you to enter your AirAsia X PNR (passenger name record), and then offers you the chance to pay a fixed price for the chance at upgrading if the flight does not sell all the seats.

Is the Air Asia flat bed worth it?

The Air Asia flat bed is pretty much what I have always thought premium economy should be. Get rid of all the business and first class bling and just give me a comfortable option for sleeping on a long haul.

Is AirAsia premium class worth it?

This AirAsia premium class is as good as it gets and your only option other than economy. The premium flatbed AirAsia X cabin when we stepped onboard. We took this AirAsia X premium flatbed flight from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne Avalon. We have also previously flown premium flatbed from Seoul Incheon to Kuala Lumpur.

Does AirAsia board by zones?

AirAsia boards by zones. As a flatbed AirAsia X flyer, you are in zone 1. However, the zone 4 line was in the same place and AirAsia allowed a long line of people in front of us who were actually zone 4 to board first. This really isn’t policed as it should be and it’s a shame.

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