How can I view Word documents online?

How can I view Word documents online?

Work with Word documents

  1. Go to where the document is stored on your OneDrive, by following a link or by signing in at
  2. Click the document. Word for the web opens the document opens in Reading view.
  3. Click Share to invite individuals or get a link you can post or send to your friends.

How can I open a Word document online for free?

Upload the document to Microsoft OneDrive and open it from the OneDrive website. It will open in Microsoft Word Online, a free web-based version of Word. You can even edit documents in Word Onlineā€”no purchase necessary. You just have to use your browser.

How do I open a DOC file in Chrome?

If you want to open an Office document in Google Docs through the Chrome browser, use the suite’s Import utility.

  1. Launch Chrome on your computer, then go to the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Type “Google Docs” in the search bar at the upper right corner of the screen, then select “Google Docs” from the search results list.

Can you open a Word DOC in Chrome?

Google on Thursday announced the availability of a new Google Chrome extension that lets you open Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files right in your browser with a single click. The Chrome Office Viewer(Opens in a new window) is available now in beta and compatible with the Windows and Mac versions of Chrome.

How do I edit a Word document online?

Click Edit Document > Edit in Word for the web to make changes to a document. When you open a document from OneDrive, Word for the web displays it in Reading view. To make changes to your document, switch to Editing view, where you can add and delete content and do other things, such as: Add tables and pictures.

Can Word Online be used offline?

While Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription-based plans require Internet access to sign up, you can still use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office applications while you’re offline.

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