How did Crawley die in The Piano Lesson?

How did Crawley die in The Piano Lesson?

Willie explains that some whites had tried to chase him, Lymon, and Crawley from some lumber they were pilfering. Crawley fought back and was killed, while the other two went to prison for theft. Lymon was shot in the stomach. Eventually Mr.

What does doaker think Berniece should do with the piano?

Why won’t Berniece sell the piano? What does doaker think Berniece should do with the piano? He thinks she should get rid of it because it brings nothing but trouble. To who and for how much does Wining boy sell his silk suit?

How long ago did the ghost of the yellow dog get Sutter?

How long ago (before the time when the play opens) did the Ghosts of the Yellow Dog get Sutter? 3 years 13.

What is the significance of maretha taking piano lessons?

Maretha. Berniece’s eleven-year-old daughter. Maretha is beginning to learn piano. She symbolizes the next generation of the Charles’ family, providing the occasion for a number of confrontations on what the family should do with its legacy.

What is Parchman Farm in The Piano Lesson?

In January 1901 the state of Mississippi purchased land in Sunflower County for a prison. The Mississippi State Penitentiary, also known as Parchman Farm or simply Parchman, became the main hub for Mississippi’s penal system.

When was the piano lesson first produced on stage?

December 1987

What is the main conflict in the piano lesson?

An area of conflict between Boy Willie and Berniece is their respective positions on whether or not to sell the piano. She believes it’s a shrine to their family’s suffering. Boy Willie believes it’s an instrument to be used one way or the other.

Who is cleotha in The Piano Lesson?

Cleotha, who died recently at 46, was Wining Boy’s ex-wife. At the time of Cleotha’s death in Kansas City, Wining Boy was living elsewhere and hadn’t known she was sick. They first met when Cleotha was 16.

Who does Berniece blame for Crawley’s death?

Boy Willie

What happens to the piano in the piano lesson?

The play reaches its climax when Boy Willie and Lymon attempt to roll the piano out of the house. At last, Berniece saves the day when she plays the piano, calls on the spirits of her ancestors, and banishes Sutter’s ghost. In the end, Boy Willie heads back down to Mississippi without selling the piano.