How did Hank not find Walts wallet?

How did Hank not find Walts wallet?

Why didn’t Hank find Walt’s and Jesse’s Wallets inside Tuco’s hideout? They had to empty their pockets and then put the stuff on the table.

When did Hank put the tracker on Walt’s car?

Hank’s neighbor’s son’s remote-controlled car (“Seven Thirty-Seven”) also makes an appearance. The GPS tracker Hank places under Walt’s car is the same one he planted on Gus’ car in the fourth season.

How did Hank find Walt?

My esteemed colleagues at the Orange Couch loved the cliffhanger that capped off this week’s episode of Breaking Bad, but I found it disappointing. In the final scene, Hank figures out that Walt is Heisenberg while perusing Walt’s copy of ​“Leaves of Grass” on the toilet.

Why does Jesse throw away his money?

Jesse refused to accept Walt’s $5 million, calling it blood money. Before joining Hank and the DEA’s effort in taking down Walt, Jesse got rid of the cash by throwing bundles of bills out of his car window. He later was held hostage by Jack’s neo-Nazi gang where he became their meth slave-cook.

What happened to Walt’s car?

The main vehicle driven by Walt, a crash double also used as a parts car, and a second crash double. The main car will remain on display at Sony Studios. The second crash double was used in the crash scene with Hank, and had severe rear damage; It sold at auction on October 8th, 2013, for $7,800.

Did Lydia plant the GPS?

For much of “Dead Freight,” Mike, Jesse and Walt debated death, starting with Lydia’s. Though it turned out she did not plant the GPS on the barrel of methylene, one can see where each of the men is coming from in their opinion of her.

Why did Lydia put a tracker on the barrel?

Now bartering methylamine for her life, Lydia gets lucky once again when she and Jesse discover DEA trackers attached to the barrels of methylamine they’re about to steal, saving them all from prison.

Did Jesse care about Walt?

He certainly thinks less of Jesse for using drugs, but he also worries about his health and the possibility of Jane taking advantage of Jesse by demanding his money from Walt. Jesse also appears to care about Walt’s health and celebrates in earnest when Walt’s cancer is in remission.

Why did Walt keep the book?

Firstly, Walt loved to be Heisenberg and he was extremely flattered by the opinion Gale had about him. Secondly, the probability of connecting the book with his ‘other occupation’ was extremely low. So he decided to keep the book at home to gloat over it while sitting on the toilet.

Why was Tuco so crazy?

While in prison during Better Call Saul season 3, Tuco got his sentence prolonged after stabbing another inmate and assaulting a guard. He would stay in prison until the events of Breaking Bad. Over those years, Tuco’s behavior and mental state gradually worsened.

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