How do I activate my SuperBox?

How do I activate my SuperBox?

Hold the white power button in the outlined area, the button should start to blink, hold it till the red light stay on. Aim your TV remote to the SuperBox remote, hold the function button on the TV remote that you desire to be programmed(such as the power button).

Why is my SuperBox not working?

If you are experiencing some issues on the Live TV or even the VOD section, the first thing that we may try is to fully reboot the SuperBOX by turning it off using the remote control (this includes unplugging and re-plugging the device). You may also try to check your internet connection.

Do you need Wi-Fi for SuperBox?

The Superbox android TV box can be accessed via an IR power TV remote which can also control the Television. The Superbox S2 Pro can be connected to the home router via both the Ethernet port and Wi-Fi to access the internet. The router should be placed near the android TV box to have a more stable connection.

Does SuperBox need a VPN?

Is a VPN required? – VPN services or IP unblocking services are not required to operate SuperBox.

How do I connect my SuperBox to WiFi?

How to connect WiFi on SuperBox? Click the Setting icon on the home screen, then click Network &Internet. Turn on your WiFi, select your WiFi and input your password.

How long will SuperBox last?

7 Days Playback Feature The SuperBox S2PRO offers popular live channels and sports events with 7-day playback.

Should I update my SuperBox?

When you bought SuperBox, you won’t need to worry about it will get outdated. SuperBox company will provide an intermittent frequency system upgrade to keep your device as always the latest version. Or if your SuperBox encountered some issue, in most cases, you can contact us and solve it by updating the system.

What internet speed do you need for SuperBox?

What is the minimum Internet speed requirements to use SuperBox S2Pro? Our recommended internet speed for operation is 8Mbps for VOD streaming. However, for HD quality streaming you may want speed much higher than that.

Is SuperBox S2 Pro Legal?

Yes, Superbox S2 Pro is legal in the US. There have been several contemplations regarding the legality of the android TV box since its launch because the features used in the set-top box are mainly applicable for mobile phone devices.

Does SuperBox have an app?

Product description. SuperBox is the Swiss Army knife for Android, combining 10 tools in one app. Manage your phone efficiently and let SuperBox improve your phone’s overall performance.

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