How do I beat Tonberry FFX?

How do I beat Tonberry FFX?

The easiest way to defeat Tonberry is to have Wakka use Sleep Buster. Asleep Tonberries will not counter-attack, and will be left vulnerable to Black Magic spells. Physical attacks wake the Tonberry up, causing it to retaliate with Karma.

How much HP does Master Tonberry have FFX?

Master Tonberry (FFX)

HP (Ovk) AP (Ovk)
48000 (13560) 20000 (30000)
Strength Magic
47 52
Agility Accuracy

What drops Tonberry?

Master Tonberry can drop armor with Death Ward or Deathproof. It can also drop weapons with Slowstrike or Deathstrike. Master Tonberry is one of two enemies that yields one of the rarest items in the game, Tetra Elemental, when stolen from. The other is Seymour Natus.

How do you fight master Tonberry?

To speed the battle up, one can: Attack Master Tonberry with Double Cut, since it counts as one attack but inflicts the damage of two. Cast Bio spells (or even better, Bad Breath) at the start of the battle to inflict Poison. Once the poison has damaged Master Tonberry 32 times, it will have 28 HP left.

How do you beat master Tonberry?

The key to fighting Tonberries is to simply not be impatient. Let your party members take the brunt of the damage and slip in a couple of attacks when you can. Make sure to keep your health at full in case you get hit by a knife attack, as there’s a chance you might still have a sliver left afterward.

How do you get a Tonberry King?

Tonberry King is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII. He is encountered by defeating a high number of Tonberry enemies in the Centra Ruins. After enough Tonberries have been defeated, the Tonberry King appears to avenge them.

Where can I find master Tonberry FFX?

The easiest place to find them in the Ruins is to travel up to the second level where Omega Weapon is fought – they are much more common in that area.