How do I become a health information manager in Canada?

How do I become a health information manager in Canada?


  1. As an accredited program by the Canadian College of Health Information Management, students are required to complete over 250 hours of practicum experience with an external organization.
  2. This placement exposes students to the health information lifecycle.

Is health information management in demand in Canada?

Health Information Management professionals are in demand to meet the needs of the ever-growing and increasingly-digital Canadian healthcare industry. The continued growth in the use of electronic health records (EHR) has resulted in billions of bits of medical data now being available.

How long does it take to study health information management?

Generally, it takes about four years to complete a program in Health Information Management in Nigeria, after which one is awarded a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management.

Is health information management in demand?

Demand is on the rise at all levels of education and credentialing, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cites medical records and health information technicians as one of the fastest growing occupations in the US, with an anticipated growth of 11 percent between 2018-2028.

What is Chim certification?

A Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) professional is competent in many different practice areas, including information governance, data quality, clinical knowledge, analytics, privacy, and technology.

What do you need to be a health information manager?

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Health Information Manager

  • Step One: Complete a CAHIIM-Accredited Associate’s Degree or Certificate Program (One to Two Years)
  • Step Two: Complete a CAHIIM-Accredited Bachelor’s Degree (Two to Four Years)
  • Step Three: Earn AHIMA Certification (Less Than One Year)

What is a HIM practitioner?

HIM professionals work with all healthcare providers and departments, including physicians, nurses, lab, radiology, and pharmacy staff to ensure patient information to promote patient safety through documentation practices.

Is a degree in health information management hard?

At the crossroads of healthcare and technology, health information technology can be a challenging subject. Not only will you need to understand medical terminology and other topics, but you’ll also need to understand how to use technical systems.

How hard is health information management?

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