How do I cancel my epoch subscription?

How do I cancel my epoch subscription?

Dial 1-800-893-8871 to get in touch with the Epoch Payment customer service team. Tell the free agent that you want to cancel your account. Ask if you’re eligible for a refund. Ask the agent to send you a confirmation email or a receipt that proves your account is canceled.

Is Epoch payment trustworthy?

Epoch has a consumer rating of 1.43 stars from 92 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Epoch most frequently mention credit card and customer service problems. Epoch ranks 20th among Billing Software sites.

What sites use Epoch billing?

These are the top websites usings Epoch based on traffic….Websites using Epoch.

Website Traffic 90% 90% 0.6% 0.6% 0.6% 0.6% 0.6% 0.6%

What is epoch payment used for?

Epoch is a third-party payment facilitator/processor, i.e. we process credit card, debit card and electronic check transactions for thousands of websites on behalf of e-commerce merchants and do not own, control, operate nor are in any other way associated with these websites.

Who uses Epoch payment?

Epoch Customers by Industry The three top industries that use Epoch for Payments Processing are Marketing (14)Seo (7)Social Media (7).

What company is epoch?

Epoch (Payment Solutions) General Information Provider of internet payment and billing support for online merchants. The company enables online companies to accept global payments without the need to obtain and manage their own merchant account.

What does Epoch mean on bank statement?

Epoch is an Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) which enables merchants to accept payments online. If you received a bill to your bank or credit card that led you to this page, we may have processed a charge to your account on behalf of an Internet merchant.

Who owns Epoch billing?

The company was bought by EMC for approximately $140M on August 31, 1993.

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