How do I change the auto attendant greeting on a Cisco Auto Attendant?

How do I change the auto attendant greeting on a Cisco Auto Attendant?

You can customize the greeting for the AutoAttendant Call Handler by choosing Edit > Greetings.

How do I set up auto attendant?

To set up an auto attendant, in the Teams admin center, expand Voice, select Auto attendants, and then select Add.

What is auto attendant in Cisco?

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Auto-Attendant, a simple automated attendant, allows callers to locate people in your organization without talking to a receptionist. You can customize the prompts that are played for the caller, but you cannot customize how the software interacts with the customer.

How do you change a call handler greeting?

Rerecord a call handler greeting. Toggle between the alternate and standard greetings….Using the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator to Record or Rerecord Call Handler Greetings.

To change the busy greeting Press 3.
To change the internal greeting Press 5.
To change the holiday greeting Press 7.

How do you create an IVR in Cucm?

  1. Configure Conference Now. In order to configure Conference Now, navigate to Call Routing > Conference Now.
  2. Configure IVR. Navigate to Media Resources > Interactive Voice Response.
  3. Configure Feature Group Template. Navigate to User Management > User/Phone Add > Feature Group Template.
  4. Configure End User.

How do I set up auto attendant on my phone?

5 Steps to Setting up an Auto Attendant

  1. Choose a Phone Number. First step is to determine which phone number you want to be routed through your auto attendant.
  2. Record a Greeting.
  3. Create Menu Options.
  4. Add Call Routing Rules.
  5. Choose Phones.

How do you record a greeting for a call handler?

Sue Selseth

  1. Dial 3696 to reach the Cisco Unity Connection Greeting Administrator.
  2. Enter your ID # (your assigned ext)
  3. Enter your PIN # (your ext PIN)
  4. Enter the extension of the Call Handler followed by # (enter your call handler ext usually the main office ext).
  5. Listen to the prompts to change a greeting.

How do I record a greeting in Cisco Unity?

Step 1 Press the Message button and log on. Step 2 Press 4>1>1. Step 3 After Cisco Unity plays your current greeting, press 1 to re-record it, or press 3 to record a different greeting, choose the greeting, and then rerecord it.

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