How do I check my EJAR rental agreement?

How do I check my EJAR rental agreement?


  1. Visit and login.
  2. Select “eServices” from the top menu.
  3. Select “Ministry of Housing” from the left menu bar.
  4. Click on “Authenticate Rental Contracts“

How do I check my EJAR contract online?

In order to download a copy of your rental agreement through the Ejar website; Log in to your account: Click on the “Contracts” tab. Select “View all Contracts“.

How do I cancel my EJAR house contract?

Procedure To Cancel Ejar Contract Login to Ejar through here to access the account from which you have signed your contract. From here, you’re to select the button “Tenancy Contract,” which will provide you with a drop-down menu for your contracts. Select the contract you wish to cancel and choose select.

What is EJAR registration?

Ejar is aimed to preserve the rights of the tenant rights at all stages of the rental process, starting from the inspection of the residential unit, ensure its integrity before signing the Standard Contract with the lan… المزيد Agent. Owner. Tenant.

How can I update my ejari online?

To renew Ejari online, you need the following documents:

  1. Copies of the Emirates ID, passport and visa of the Tenant.
  2. Copies of the Emirates ID or Passport of the Landlord.
  3. Copy of the title deed.
  4. Previous Ejari copy.
  5. DEWA bill.

Is EJAR Mandatory for Iqama renewal?

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Ministry of Housing announced on Monday 30 July 2018, issuance or renewal of work permits has been linked with the authentication of house rent contracts in the Ejar network.

Can I renew my ejari online?

You can renew the contract online by submitting all the required Ejari renewal documents. According to current RERA regulations, it is not possible to register with Ejari if the previous contracts are not registered already.

Who pays ejari fee?

So, while registering the Ejari is primarily the responsibility of the landlord, it can be done by the tenant if needed. Paying for the renewal of the Ejari, however, is the obligation of the tenant, unless the lease agreement states otherwise.

How do I find my Ejari contract number?

When you get your Ejari, a contract account number will automatically be created in DEWA system. Once that takes place you will immediately receive an SMS and welcome email from DEWA with your DEWA account details.

Who pays for Ejari renewal the tenant or the landlord?

Is EJAR mandatory in Saudi Arabia?

The Ejar system made it mandatory for all real estate firms to join. It seeks to regulate the rental market with measures to protect the rights of landlords and tenants, and control rents. The system defines the rights of tenants and landlords by having both parties sign the agreement.

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