How do I connect my phone to my Kodak printer dock?

How do I connect my phone to my Kodak printer dock?

Connect the smartphone to the dock using a USB cable provided with the Kodak photo printers. Push the 1Touch button on the left bottom corner of the printer. The app will run automatically. If you are using an Android phone, you can launch the application through your phone when it is docked.

How do I change the ink cartridge in my Kodak printer dock?

– KODAK Photo Printer Support….How do I change the cartridge for Dock Plus Printer (PD460)?

  1. Open the cartridge cover.
  2. Press down and pull out the lever to exchange used cartridges.
  3. Insert the cartridge using the arrow specified until you hear the clicking sound.
  4. Lastly, please close the lid.

Does Kodak EasyShare still exist?

Disclaimer: The latest version of Kodak EasyShare is the 8.3 version – since 2012, it is no longer available for download from the official Kodak website. Thus, the version linked to this article may not work, or run with reccurent errors. Kodak EasyShare is an all-in-one digital photo software.

What is Kodak EasyShare software?

Kodak Easyshare is software to organize, view and edit your photos – whether or not you have a Kodak camera.

How do you take apart a Kodak instant dock printer?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Hold the printer with one hand and hold the paper tray with the other hand.
  2. Push or pull the paper tray sideways while holding the printer still.
  3. You will be able to easily remove the paper tray and cassette for the Kodak Dock Plus photo printer.
  4. Close the lid.

How do I connect my Kodak printer to Bluetooth?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn BLUETOOTH on in your smartphone.
  2. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button on the top left corner.
  3. Go to BLUETOOTH setting in your smartphone and find the printer. The name of the printer is on the bottom label (eg.
  4. Select the printer and wait for the connection to complete.

How do I connect my Kodak printer?

Method – 2: Connect Kodak Printer Using WPS

  1. Like before, press the Home button, go to Network Settings, and click Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  2. Now press the WPS button on your wireless router.
  3. Next, select the Push Button Configuration option on your Printer and choose the WPS option for your wireless router.