How do I contact Athene Annuity and Life Company?

How do I contact Athene Annuity and Life Company?

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  1. Athene USA.
  2. Call 888-ANNUITY (888-266-8489)
  3. Fax Number: 866-709-3922.

What kind of insurance is Athene?

Athene | Retirement Services | Leading Annuity Provider.

Is Athene a good insurance company?

Athene has an A rating from AM Best and was founded in 1896. Athene Surpassed Allianz Life as the #1 Provider of Fixed Index Annuities in 2020, based on total U.S. Individual Fixed Index Annuity Sales.

What did Athene used to be called?

Saucer. A.M. Best Company, Inc. Liberty Life Insurance Co. has changed its legal name to Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Co. and will operate under the brand name Athene Annuity.

Where is Athene Annuity company located?

Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company, a Wilmington, Delaware-domiciled company, and Athene Annuity and Life Company, a West Des Moines, Iowa-domiciled company, issue annuities in all states except New York.

How long has Athene been in business?

Founded in 2009, Athene also serves as Apollo’s partner insurance company and had total assets worth $202.8 billion at the end of 2020, with operations in the United States, Bermuda, and Canada.

Who is Athene owned by?

Apollo Global Management, Inc.
As a result of the merger, the combined entity Apollo Global Management, Inc. , led by Chief Executive Officer Marc Rowan , has two principal subsidiaries: Apollo Asset Management (formerly Apollo Global Management, Inc. ), its alternative asset management business, and Athene, its retirement services business.

What products does Athene offer?

Athene FIAs

  • AccuMax. SM Retire with confidence.
  • Accumulator. SM Save more with great rates and lower potential risk.
  • Agility. SM Flexibility and security to reach for your retirement dream.
  • AscentSM Pro. Income that lasts.
  • Performance Elite. ®
  • Protector. SM

What is the rating of Athene?

A.M. Best rating as of April 2022 (A, 3rd highest of 16), S&P rating as of May 2021 (A+, 5th highest out of 21), and Fitch rating as of May 2022 (A+, 5th highest of 19). Athene Holding Ltd.’s credit rating is bbb+/A-/A- for A.M. Best, S&P and Fitch, respectively. As of March 31, 2022.

Is Athene FDIC insured?


How long has Athene been around?

From its inception in 2009, Athene has grown to $202.8bn in total assets with around 50% of its portfolio invested in Corporate and Government Bonds and 20% in commercial and residential mortgage loans. Athene Holding began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on December 9, 2016, under the stock symbol “ATH”.

How does Athene Annuity work?

Fixed annuities provide you with tax-deferred growth at a fixed rate of interest set by Athene for a period of time specified in the annuity contract. They also offer the opportunity to produce a guaranteed stream of retirement income you cannot outlive.

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