How do I contact Safaricom customer care?

How do I contact Safaricom customer care?

Contact Us

  1. Customer Support Team. PrePay: Call 100 (Free) Or +254 722 002100 (chargeable)
  2. Online Support Team. Twitter – @Safaricom_Care and @SafaricomPLC.
  3. Careers and HR. Jobs and Internships – Log on to Career Portal and upload your CV and apply.
  4. Communications and PR Team.
  5. CEO’s Office.

How do I contact Safaricom Customer Care from abroad?

You will simply dial the PrePay Customer Care number via +254 722 002 100.

What is Safaricom email address?

[email protected]
[email protected] is the email id where you can mail us your queries/concerns if you do not wish to DM us.

How can I chat with Safaricom customer care on WhatsApp?

To access Zuri on WhatsApp, customers will first need to save Safaricom’s customer care mobile number 0722000100 on their phone’s contact list.

How do I contact the CEO of Safaricom?

Found 6 phone numbers: +233 54 434 XXXX. +254 722 25XXXX. +254 713 60XXXX….Safaricom.

Address House Waiyaki Way Westlands, Nairobi, Nairobi Area, KE

How can I chat with Safaricom?

How to Access Zuri

  1. WhatsApp or save mobile number 0722 000100 on your contacts, open chat and type ‘Hi Zuri’
  2. Telegram.
  3. Messenger.
  4. Zuri on Web.

How do I talk to a customer care agent?

Explain your problem to the agent. In a very clear and concise way, explain the problem or your issue to the agent. Talk slowly and clearly. Don’t make assumptions about what they know or don’t know. Include specific examples about your issue.

Who is the boss of Safaricom?

Peter Ndegwa (Apr 1, 2020–)Safaricom / CEO

How do I reactivate my Safaricom line?

If your Safaricom line remains inactive for long it will be deactivated. To reactivate your Safaricom Simcard, then call Safaricom with another active line through 100 and they will help you activate the line.

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