How do I convert GPX to fit?

How do I convert GPX to fit?

How to convert a GPX file to a FIT file

  1. Select your GPX file (optionally you can point it at a URL where the GPX file can be found)
  2. Choose Garmin FIT (ANT+) from the drop down list.
  3. Hit the Convert button!

What is GPX version?

GPS Exchange Format

Filename extension .gpx
Internet media type application/gpx+xml and application/octet-stream
Initial release 2002
Latest release 1.1 August 9, 2004
Extended from XML

How do I unpack a GPX file?

Export an Activity as a GPX file

  1. Navigate to one of your Activity pages and from the more (ellipses) menu, select “Export GPX”.
  2. The file will then download to your computer with the file extension “.

Can Google Maps open a GPX file?

Google Maps uses the KML format for its map data, but they support many formats, including GPX.

How do I open a GPX file in Excel?

This feature can be found in the GIS toolbar tab under the item Special – Import from GPX. Clicking on this item will display the Open File Dialog, where you choose the gpx file that you want to import into the Excel.

How do I edit a GPX route?


  1. Open the track log.
  2. put your mouse over the cloud of points to be deleted, and write down the coordinates.
  3. Open the track log in your favourite text editor.
  4. Search for the co-ordinates you wrote down, leaving off the last part for precision.
  5. Delete all points either side, by looking at the time.

What are .FIT files?

Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) is an open standard defining a digital file format useful for storage, transmission and processing of data: formatted as multi-dimensional arrays (for example a 2D image), or tables. FITS is the most commonly used digital file format in astronomy.

What app can open GPX files?

GPX Viewer (Android)

What app opens GPX?

You can also open a GPX file in a variety of desktop and mobile applications, including:

  • Google Earth Pro (cross-platform)
  • Garmin BaseCamp (Windows, Mac)
  • Merkaartor (cross-platform)
  • GPX Viewer (Android)
  • GPX-Viewer (iOS)