How do I download AlAhliMobile?

How do I download AlAhliMobile?

Visit or download AlAhliMobile from (App Store – Google Play – AppGallery) search using the word “AlAhliMobile”; Click “New User Registration”.

How do I register my AlAhliMobile?

Follow the steps to Register in AlAhliOnline or AlAhliMobile:

  1. Visit AlAhliOnli​​​​ or download AlAhliMobile​ app from the official stores.
  2. Choose “Register” from the homepage.
  3. Enter National/Iqama ID and accept terms & conditions.
  4. Enter the security code using either AlAhliToken or one time password thru SMS.

How do I download the NCB app?

Both Apple and Android users can download the NCB Mobile app from the App Store and Google Playstore respectively.

Is NCB and SNB same?

Saudi National Bank (SNB), also known as SNB AlAhli (Arabic: البنك الأهلي السعودي, formerly known as The National Commercial Bank (NCB), is a Saudi Arabian bank.

How do I transfer money from NCB?

Simply log on to NCB Online Banking and select Transactions.

  1. You will need to add Beneficiary by selecting Manage Beneficiary.
  2. Click on Transfer Funds then “Other Bank Transfer’ for local institution transfers.

How do I register for quick pay?


  1. Click “New User Registration”.
  2. Enter the digits of your National ID/Iqama.
  3. Select one of the three options (Mada Card from SNB – Credit Card – SNB Phone Banking) and insert the required information.
  4. Enter the username and the password.

How can I open NCB account in Saudi Arabia?

In order to open a new Alahli Bank account online;

  1. Open the NCB online account opening form.
  2. Enter Iqama Number.
  3. Select Calendar Type: Gregorian.
  4. Date of Birth: As per Iqama.
  5. Mobile Number.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions and click on the proceed button.
  7. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile.

How can I register for alahli mobile banking?


  1. Open an account at your nearest NCB branch.
  2. Dial alahli phone banking 920001000.
  3. To choose menu language 1 for arabic or 2 for english.
  4. Press 9 directly for assistance.
  5. All required information can be entered within the system.

What is alahli phone customer number?

9 2000 1000National Commercial Bank / Customer service

How do I activate my NCB online banking?

To get started, go to and select Enroll Now or click Sign Up on Online Banking Page. You may also sign up via the mobile app in the Google or Apple Store.

What is NCB user ID?

To retrieve your username you may contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-NCB-FIRST (622-3477) or 1-876-929-4622 for further assistance. You may also connect with a Customer Care Agent by visiting our website at and use our Live Chat feature located at the bottom right of the page.

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