How do I download Font Awesome icons as images?

How do I download Font Awesome icons as images?

Click on “Import icons”.

  1. When you import the SVG icon select the icon.
  2. Go to the footer and click on “Font”.
  3. Click “Download” to download the Awesome font icon file.
  4. Extract the icomoon file; you can see it in the files.

Why We Use Font Awesome icons instead of images?

Designers love the use of icons as fonts because of the flexibility of styling available. Plus, using a font will also render icons as sharp as your device will allow, so there’s no need to worry about creating retina graphics since Font Awesome will give you high-quality iconography on every device.

How do I use Font Awesome thin?

To use the thin style of “font-awesome“, you’ll need a subscription to a Pro-level plan or a perpetual Pro license that covers using Font Awesome 4.6. 0 or above.

Can you resize Font Awesome icons?

Font Awesome also includes a literal size scale to make increasing an icon’s size from 1x to 10x easy and efficient. Literal sizing is useful for sizing icons at a larger scale or in cases where text alignment isn’t a primary concern.

Should I use SVG for icons?

Not only does offer SVG offer an unmatched ability to be scaled to any size without any shred of quality degradation but also better anti aliasing than Icon fonts. Moreover, you can edit, color, or animate each individual bit of an SVG icon, unlike your traditional icon font.

What is the most performant way to include icons?

What I Do For Designers

  • I absolutely love the Nucleo icon set.
  • The absolute fastest and most sustainable way to use icons in Sketch is by using color symbols and masks.
  • Step 1: Make symbols for the fill colors you want to use for your icons.
  • Step 2: Make a new artboard for your icon symbol.

How can I use Fontawesome in HTML offline?

Go to font awesome official website and download free zip file, extract it and link this to your page, done..! To be able to use font awesome offline you would have to manually download the icons to your local computer. You should be able to find the required files from the font awesome website.

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