How do I dress up as Gomez Addams?

How do I dress up as Gomez Addams?

Wear a dress shirt and tie in colors that keep with the dark color scheme. Pair a white dress shirt with a black bow tie, a dark red shirt with a black necktie or a black shirt with a dark red tie for a Gothic look befitting the Addams name.

What kind of shoes does Gomez Addams wear?

Slip on a pair of Black Oxford Shoes, Gomez Wig and Mustache, and Fake Cigar! With this look, you’ll be the head of the Addam’s family household!

How do you dress as lurch?

Cosplay Lurch’s creepy style with a White Dress Shirt paired with his Black Suit and Oversized Bow Tie. He wears White Gloves, Black Dress Socks, and a pair of Black Wingtip Shoes. He is also found carrying around a White Towel draped over his arm like any good butler would do.

Who plays Gomez Addams?

John AstinThe Addams Family
Oscar IsaacThe Addams Family 2Luis GuzmánWednesdayGlenn TarantoThe New Addams FamilyLennie WeinribThe Addams Family
Gomez Addams/Voiced by

How do you dress like Uncle Fester?

Uncle Fester Cosplay Costumes Get yourself all dressed up by ordering an Uncle Fester costume or a simple full-length fur coat will do as well. Head over to a costume shop to pick up a white bald cap and some light grey and pale green face paint to transform your face.

How do you make a Uncle Fester costume?

Uncle Fester Costume All you need is a black hooded robe, belt cord, white face paint, black face paint and a light bulb is optional.

What color lipstick did Morticia Addams?

red lip
Nothing is more sexy than a bold red lip, so it’s no wonder the queen herself rocks it on a daily basis. Beauty Pie’s Matte Futurelipstick in “Red Light” is the perfect red to channel Morticia’s signature lip. This highly luxuriously pigmented lipstick goes on super smooth and keeps lips hydrated throughout wear.

What color nails does Morticia Addams have?

But the best part about Morticia’s goth-meets-sexpot look is easily her nails. They’re long, sharp, and blood-red, the better with which to chastise Wednesday and Pugsley.

What race is Gomez Addams?

He is depicted as being of Castilian extraction and Spanish ancestry, which was first brought up in “Art and the Addams Family” on December 18, 1964.