How do I enable CDR?

How do I enable CDR?

Enable the following settings:

  1. Call Diagnostics Enabled = Enabled Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True.
  2. Display FAC in CDR = True.
  3. Show Line Group Member DN in finalCalledPartyNumber CDR Field = True.
  4. Show Line Group Member Non Masked DN in finalCalledPartyNumber CDR Field = True.

What is the difference between CDR and CMR?

Call detail records (CDR)— Data records that contain information about each call that was processed by CallManager. Call management records (CMR)— Data records that contain quality of service (QoS) or diagnostic information about the call. Also referred to as diagnostic records.

What is Cucm CDR?

The Call Detailed Records (CDR) and Call Management Records (CMR also called Call Diagnostics Records) offer granular level of details for each phone call processed by the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). Unfortunately Cisco Unified (CM) CDR records and CMR records are disabled by default.

How do I open a Cucm CDR file?

How to access CDR Report?

  1. Go to CDR -> Export CDR/CMR records.
  2. Select From Date (Date since when you want the CDR Report.
  3. Select To Date (Date till when you want the CDR Report)
  4. Check Mark CDR Record and Unckeck CMR Record.
  5. Export To File.
  6. Save the file in your Desktop/Laptop to the location/drive you want to save.

How restart Cisco CDR Repository Manager?

Restarting CDR services on CUCM Print

  1. Log into your CUCM Publisher’s “Cisco Unified Serviceability”
  2. Go to Tools -> Control Center – Network Services.
  3. Restart the CDR Repository Manager.
  4. Restart the Cisco CDR Agent.
  5. On each of your CUCM Subscriber nodes, restart the Cisco CDR Agent.

Where is CDR in Cucm?

Log in to the Call Accounting server and open the CUCM website. Select Cisco Unified Serviceability from the Navigation drop-down in the (upper right corner) and click Go. Select Tools > CDR Analysis and Reporting. Select CDR > Export CDR/CMR.

How do I pull a CDR report?

Step 1 From CDR Analysis and Reporting, choose CDR > Export CDR/CMR. The Export CDR/CMR records window displays. Step 2 In the From Date and To Date pull-down menus, choose a date range for the CDR/CMR dump. Step 3 In Select records, check the CDR and/or CMR check box.