How do I find my Sybase username?

How do I find my Sybase username?

To find a user’s server user ID or login name, use suser_id and suser_name. The arguments for these system functions are optional. If you do not provide one, Adaptive Server displays information about the current user. To find a user’s ID number or name inside a database, use user_id and user_name.

How do I log into Sybase server?

Open the Interactive SQL utility of Sybase and select the database name from the drop-down list of databases. In the command prompt, type isql –S –U -P and in this prompt, give the command use followed by a go command.

How can I get SA password in Sybase?

Change current directory to the install path. Make a copy of RUN_ file. Edit the RUN_ file and make following entries. Start your ASE server by executing the RUN_ file on command line –> a new password will be printed into terminal screen follow the last system database online information.

How do I view DB users in Sybase?

How to view users connected to a Sybase SQL Anywhere 8 database

  1. Open Sybase Central.
  2. Select Tools > Connect (or click the F11 key).
  3. For User type DBA and for Password type SQL.
  4. Click the Database tab, press the Find button and select the service you want to check.
  5. Under Database file, browse out to the desired tds.

How can I reset my sapsa password in Sybase?

How to Reset “sa” / “sapsa” Password in ASE

  1. Login to the operating system as [sid]adm or syd[sid].
  2. Navigate to the respective directory. (
  3. Open the RUN_SID file and add the following item.
  4. Now, start your Sybase server and while executing, you will get a new password printed on the terminal screen.

How do I add a user to Sybase?

Creating users in Sybase Central

  1. Connect to the database.
  2. Open the Users & Groups folder.
  3. Double-click the New User icon or choose File > New User. The User Creation wizard leads you through the process.

What is Isql command?

isql is a command line tool which allows the user to execute SQL in batch or interactively. It has some interesting options such as an option to generate output wrapped in an HTML table. iusql is the same tool with built-in Unicode support.

How do I create a database in Sybase?

Create a new Sybase database entity, with sufficient storage devices for data and transaction log. Use either the Sybase Central, the Sybase Control Center GUI tool or use isql with SQL commands. Connect to the server with the sa user. First create database devices for data and transaction log.

How do I connect to Isql?

To use isql to test a DSN connection:

  1. Run the following command: $ isql –v DSNname. Where DSNname is the name of the DSN you created. A connection message and a SQL prompt display.
  2. Try a simple SQL statement. For example: SQL> SELECT table_name FROM tables; The isql tool returns the results of your SQL statement.

How do I connect to an Isql database?

It is possible to connect to a database using isql in two ways: locally and remotely. If connecting remotely (using TCP/IP), use the CONNECT statement with the server name and complete file path of the database or, an alias.

How do I add a device to Sybase?

You can create new database devices using the disk init command. You can specify a raw partition or operating system file. When using a raw partition, you must specify the full path to the partition. When using an operating system file, you may use the full path or a relative path.