How do I fix error code E21?

How do I fix error code E21?


  1. Ensure the drain hose is in the correct position.
  2. Ensure correct drain height.
  3. Clean the pump and filter.
  4. Check for a blocked drain.
  5. Check the drainage hose for possible kink or twist.
  6. Use less soap powder.
  7. Switch off the power to the washing machine.
  8. Contact an Authorised Service Center.

Where do I find my Zanussi error code?

Error codes on Zanussi washing machines will be displayed in two different ways. If your machine has an LCD display you’ll see the letter E (E is for Error) followed by two numbers. If your machine has no LCD display however, combinations of LEDs on your machine will flash.

How do I reset my Zanussi washing machine?

Resetting guide: Press the two buttons at the top (soak and pre-wash). At the same time, turn the cycle selector counter-clockwise to the delicate spin cycle. Then release the two buttons and continue turning the selector counter-clockwise all the way round to off (almost one full turn). Try to wash normally.

What is the meaning of E21?


Acronym Definition
E21 Eyeshield 21 (anime)

Why does my washing machine keep saying E21?

E21 – Drain flow error. This error will be displayed when the unit senses that the drain process is taking too long. This error may be caused by a blockage occurring in the coin trap or in the drain line. Check and clean the coin trap.

What does 5E mean on a washing machine?

having draining issues
When your Samsung Washing Machine is displaying a 5E error code, it means that your washer is having draining issues. If you have a front load washer and would like to manually emergency drain it, please visit our page about ‘Emergency Drain a Samsung Front Loader. ‘

What is e4 error in washing machine?

The 4E (4C) error indicates that the washing machine has detected that there is a problem with the water supply. The most common reason for this error is a blocked or kinked water supply hose.

Why does my washing machine say E30?

The E30 error code indicates that you either have a water level pressure sensor that is not communicating with the electronic control board or that you have a water overfill condition. The E30 is a class error code.