How do I fix error P0121?

How do I fix error P0121?

What repairs can fix the P0121 code?

  1. Repairing or replacing the TPS connector.
  2. Repairing the wiring as necessary.
  3. Replace the TPS with a new sensor.

What does trouble code P0121 mean?

OBD-II Code P0121 is defined as a Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch “A” Circuit Range/Performance Problem. Driving with this trouble code is not recommended. A vehicle with this code should be taken in to a repair shop for diagnosis.

Can you clean the sensor on a throttle body?

During this process, the throttle position sensor should not be cleaned due to the possibility of contamination or wire damage. The best way to preserve the sensor is to remove and replace it after cleaning is finished.

How do you reset the throttle body on a Toyota Corolla?

How to Reset Throttle Position Sensor

  1. Put the key in the ignition.
  2. Turn the key to the On position, without cranking the engine. Wait a few seconds, then turn it off.
  3. Repeat the second step.
  4. Crank the engine.
  5. Pull the parking brake.
  6. Set the gear lever in Drive.
  7. Wait 5-10 minutes.

What is the part number for the throttle position sensor Toyota Corolla?

Your Corolla TPS can cause your Toyota to buck or idle inconsistently, with very poor throttle response. Your Toyota ECU requires this input to accurately control and orchestrate the 1.8 liter 1ZZFE fuel and spark events. The part number for this three pin throttle position sensor from Toyota is 89452-02020, 89452-10040 and 89452-20130.

What does the OBD code p0121 mean on a car?

It’s an OBDII code and has to do with the Throttle Pedal Position Sensor. It is relatively serious problem since it can leave your vehicle in failsafe mode. P0121: Throttle Pedal Position Sensor → Switch (TPS) A Circuit Range → Performance Problem

What are some of the problems with the Toyota Corolla?

Problems with your Toyota Corolla can arise when your throttle position sensor (TPS) has failed, or is having communication problems. Your Corolla TPS can cause your Toyota to buck or idle inconsistently, with very poor throttle response.

What does it mean when the throttle position sensor is malfunctioning?

Malfunction is detected when an excessively low or high voltage from the sensor is sent to ECM. | What are P0121 TOYOTA code possible symptoms? The throttle position sensor ( TPS) responds to the accelerator pedal movement.