How do I fix my refrigerator water dispenser?

How do I fix my refrigerator water dispenser?

How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Refrigerator Water Dispenser

  1. Straighten or Replace the Dispenser Tube.
  2. Clean Out the Water Lines.
  3. Inspect and/or Change the Water Filter.
  4. Test the Water Pressure.
  5. Defrost the Water Line.
  6. Check the Pressure Switch.
  7. Inspect for a Faulty Door Switch.
  8. Replace the Control Board.

How do you reset a GE Profile water dispenser?

GE Profile Filter Reset The water filter warning light or message is reset by pressing the Ice & Water pad on the control panel for three seconds. The filter light should turn green, and the filter status will show Good.

Why isn’t my GE refrigerator water dispenser working?

If your GE fridge water dispenser is not working be sure that the water line to the fridge is turned on, make sure the water supply tube is not frozen, replace the water inlet valve, lower the internal temperature of your refrigerator, or replace the vinyl tubing among other solutions.

How do you unclog a GE refrigerator water dispenser?

Unclog Refrigerator’s Water Dispenser Hose Find the water dispenser line and unscrew the screws holding it in place. Then hold the water button at the front of your fridge down to see if any water comes through. If it does, it’s likely there was an air clog in the line which should now be removed.

Where is the reset button on GE Profile refrigerator?

Is there a reset button on a GE refrigerator? There is no reset button on a GE refrigerator. You have to unplug the unit for at least 30 seconds to reset it. If the problem persists, turn OFF the freezer’s shut-off switch for 30 seconds, and push the ice maker’s shut-off arm up and down three times.

How do I reset my GE Profile refrigerator?

When “0” flashes in the displays, the refrigerator is in the self-diagnostic mode. Press “1” and then “5” to completely reset the entire system. After the system resets, unplug the refrigerator and then restore power. The refrigerator is now reset.

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