How do I get from Tenerife South Airport to Los Gigantes?

How do I get from Tenerife South Airport to Los Gigantes?

There are no direct connections by public bus between Tenerife South Airport and Los Gigantes, so you will need to catch a connecting bus at Costa Adeje Bus Station. You can get to Costa Adeje Station from the Airport on the 40, 711 and 111 routes (takes about 40 minutes).

Can you get a taxi from Tenerife South Airport?

Along with bus, taxi stands for the perfect mean of transportation to get anywhere in Tenerife, since Tenerife South Airport is located 60 kilometres southwest of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, that means an average transfer time of 40 minutes. Taxicabs in Tenerife South Airport are metered.

How much is a taxi from Tenerife South to airport?

A standard taxi from Tenerife South Airport to Los Gigantes for 1 – 4 passengers is € 63. A minivan for up to 8 passengers costs 92 €. There is also the option of a minibus for up to 17 people for € 121 or an even larger vehicle for up to 20 passengers for the price of € 152.

Can you pay for taxi by card in Tenerife?

Tenerife Taxi Tips Very few taxi drivers have credit or debit card machines installed in their vehicles. That’s why you should ensure that you always carry cash and change with you. It is a good idea to ask for an approximate price for your destination before entering the cab.

How far is Los Gigantes from airport?

The distance between Tenerife Sur Apt Airport (TFS) and Los Gigantes is 34 km. The road distance is 43.9 km.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Tenerife?

There is no need to tip taxis. If you hire a driver for a day, a 5 euro tip will be enough. Tip hotel employees who carry your luggage 1 euro, more if you have plenty of luggage.

How easy is it to get a taxi at Tenerife South airport?

it is so easy to get a cab outside the airport. you will not be charged more than 25 euros to los cristianos,most cabbies speak a little english ,so agree the price up front.

How to get from Tenerife South Airport to Los Gigantes?

There are various options to get you from the Reina Sofia Airport (TFS) to Los Gigantes; Private Taxi Transfer, Car Hire, Bus or Shuttle Bus. Taxi Transfer is normally the easiest way of getting from Tenerife South Airport to Los Gigantes.

What is the best vehicle to take from Tenerife airport?

However, when you book an airport transfer from Tenerife Airport in advance, you can choose a vehicle of the right size to accommodate everyone who is travelling with you, as well as all the luggage you are taking. Most of the time, a 7-seater minivan, e.g. a Mercedes Viano, is sufficient, but larger vehicles are also available.

What to do in Los Gigantes?

Los Gigantes is a good place to see some of the local marine life, and there are plenty of boat trips from Los Gigantes marina that will take you dolphin spotting. You can also take a cruise around the coast and visit some of the nearby beaches.

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