How do I get my DataFlow report?

How do I get my DataFlow report?

SUPPORT CENTRE You will receive an email notification once your case is completed and the report is available for download, at which point you can head over to to obtain a copy of your report.

How do you check data flow?

Using your smartphone, open the Qryptal app and focus your camera on the QR code displayed on the report. Compare your DataFlow Group report with the results of the Qryptal app scan. If all listed details match, the DataFlow Group report is official.

How do I get my SCFHS account?

1. Go to the link: 2. In next page,you need to click on retrieve your data.

What is dataflow Report password?

Soon after verification, dataflow will send you a pdf file which is known as dataflow verification report. After opening it you will notice that you need to enter a password. The password will be your date of birth.

How can I check my data flow status in Saudi Arabia?

The status of your case is available by visiting Log in with your Dataflow Case number or Reference Number which was previously sent to your registered email address, and enter your passport number.

What is the password for DataFlow report?

How much is DataFlow in Saudi?

Dataflow costs 850SAR for the three basic 3 documents that need to be verified (1 x employment certificate, 1 x education certificate an, 1 x license). Any extra documents such as additional employment certificate cost 300SAR each. Registration fees – 240SAR for Nurse Specialists, 160SAR for Nurse Technicians.

How long is DataFlow valid?

8. How long is a DataFlow Group PSV report valid for? A DataFlow Group report holds permanent validity, unless instructed by the Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP)- Ministry of Public Health (MOPH)- State of Qatar for further verification.

How can I get CME hours online in Saudi Arabia?

How to get scfhs cme? Saudi Commission for health specialities authority that will issue classification and registration for practitioners. You can acquire online CME accredited by Saudi Council by visiting