How do I get to Goecha LA?

How do I get to Goecha LA?

How To Reach Goechala?

  1. By Flight. The nearest airport to Yuksom is Bagdogra. Bagdogra is Siliguri’s airport.
  2. By Train. You will arrive at NJP, which is the station area of Siliguri.
  3. By Bus. If flights are too costly and trains are crowded, you can fly to Kolkata and catch a bus to Siliguri.

How hard is Goechala Trek?

Although the level of difficulty is a relative estimation, yet the Goechala trek happens to be a moderately difficult trek. The trek initially offers the travelers a moderate terrain, which later gets transformed into a steep trail as one continues to achieve heights.

Is there network in Goechala Trek?

Make sure you have a minimum of 10 solid treks ranging from moderate to difficult in your kitty before planning for Goechala Trek. Being a mountainous terrain, there is no availability of any network beyond the neighborhood of Yuksom.

Why is Goechala a difficult trek?

This is a gain of 2,820 M in a span of ten days. This means the trail will have many steep ascents to the summit. While it is reasonable for a moderate-difficult trek, what makes this challenging is the forced altitude gain that happens on the 4th day between Tshoka (2,900M) and Dzongri (3,950 M).

How long is Kedarkantha Trek?

The Kedarkantha trek height is about 3,810 meters, which is approximately 12,500 ft. high. The trek is a perfect 20 KM long trail where you can witness the beguiling beauties of the Himalayas and feast the eyes with snow-covered pathways.

Can a beginner do Goechala Trek?

Goechala trek route starts from Yuksom West Sikkim. So, your first responsibility is to reach Yuksom one day before the trek begins on foot. Yuksom is a town in west Sikkim. It has an important place in the history of Sikkim….Fitness required for Goechala Trek.

BMI Range Category
35 – 39.9 Obese class II

Is Goechala trek good for beginners?

How difficult is Goecha La Trek? Goecha La Trek is a moderate to difficult trek. Due to the trekking distance of around 90km, it takes about 10-11 days of trekking on high altitudes. However, if you have hired a Goechala Trek Guide, then you can also have an amazing trekking experience here as a beginner.

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