How do I get to Milos Hidden Beach?

How do I get to Milos Hidden Beach?

Milos Beach Nowadays, it is accessible either by boat from Ag. Nikitas or by walking through the 2 paths around the village. To walk to the beach, take the pedestrian street through Agios Nikitas village, down towards the sea. About one third of the way to the sea you will pass a ‘taverna’ on the left.

Does Milos have nice beaches?

Beaches in Milos Greece stand out for their unique natural beauty and gorgeous water. The magnificent colors and the interesting rock formations of Milos beaches provide great places to spend a day at the sea.

How do you get to sarakiniko Beach?

The only way to get to Sarakiniko beach is by scooter, car, ATV or by foot (not recommended in the greek heat!). There is no public transport to Sarakiniko beach. Rest assured though, because of it’s popularity, Sarakiniko beach has plenty of parking for visitors. There is no competition for spaces.

How many beaches are on Milos?

Also along the coastline, you’ll find over 70 beaches, each one unique in its own way, where you’ll find adventure, tranquillity or both. My best friend comes from the island of Milos and here are her suggestions for the best beaches to visit in Milos.

Does Sifnos have nice beaches?

Beaches in Sifnos Greece are famous for their unspoiled beauty and relaxing family atmosphere. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Sifnos beaches have crystal water and offer a nice view of the sea.

How do I get to Kleftiko Milos?

The easiest way to get to Kleftiko Milos is by sailing boat, departing either from Adamas or from Kipoi. However, there is also a hiking path. It will take you just under an hour’s drive to get to the beginning of the path from Adamas. The hike itself should take you roughly 40-50 minutes.

Is Milos a party island?

Milos is located in the Aegean Sea; Milos is one of the best party islands in Greece! There are many different bars and clubs that you can choose from here, so there will always be something fun to do.

Why is Sarakiniko white?

The local people often refer to the scenic landscape of Sarakiniko as Lunar. The bone-white beach derives its unusual characteristics from the erosion of the volcanic rock by wind and wave.

How long does it take to drive around Milos?

around one hour
How long does it take to drive around Milos? It takes around one hour to drive from one end to the other in Milos. This puts means that the island is in the middle of the pack when it comes to the size of Greek islands. This also means that you can cover a lot of distance when you are driving in Milos.

Are Serifos or Sifnos better?

Choose Sifnos if you are into dramatic landscapes and great hotels. Go to Serifos if a laid back atmosphere and cozy beaches are more you. If you are lucky and have more than a week, consider visiting another nearby island.

Can you drive to Kleftiko?

Next, you’ll need to drive to the southwest corner of Milos. My guess is that you’ll be starting your journey near Adamas, the main port town. From Adamas, the drive to the Kleftiko stopping point is about 1 hour. You can use this link to plan your route from Adamas to Kleftiko: Google Maps.