How do I have a fun graduation party?

How do I have a fun graduation party?

Fun Graduation Party Games Your Guests Will Love

  1. Guess Who. Challenge your grads to see who knows each other best with this fun take on the classic guessing game.
  2. Grads Through the Years.
  3. Mad Libs.
  4. Pin the Tassel on the Grad Cap.
  5. Charades.
  6. Around the World Ring Toss.
  7. Giant Twister.
  8. Superlatives.

How can I spice up my graduation party?


  1. Make A Photo Backdrop With Curtains.
  2. Use Pictures For a Simple Centerpiece.
  3. Display Party Entrance Signs.
  4. Use Large Balloons As Photo Props.
  5. Display Cute Paper Straws.
  6. Use Graduation Banners To Decorate Spaces.
  7. Make (Or Order) Graduation Cap Cookies.
  8. Make These Graduation Cap Cupcake Stands.

What do going away parties do?

Cry into your beverage, or. Throw them a going away party to let them know how much they’ll be missed….Going Away Party Themes

  • Murder Mystery Diner. AVAILABLE HERE.
  • Picnic Party.
  • Luau Party.
  • Casino Night.
  • Don’t Be Blue.
  • Backyard Campfire.
  • Slumber Party.
  • Holiday Party.

Are college graduation parties a thing?

During the summer, a multitude of college graduation parties occur. Parents, graduates and guests must adhere to the rules of etiquette. Parents make sure the proper people are invited to the party and that they have the correct information.

How do you make a grad party not awkward?

Here are a few strategies I’ve deployed to make these parties less awkward, and more awesome.

  1. Plan your visits. Do NOT take all 11 of those postcard-size invitations and just “wing it.” You will get stressed.
  2. Bring a gift.
  3. Travel with a friend.
  4. Be ready to socialize.
  5. Do the things.

What is the theme for a graduation party?

The overarching theme for your party will likely be ‘graduation,’ but you’re going to need a little more detail to pull a whole party together. When you’re ready to start, follow the steps below: The first step is to decide on a theme for the graduation bash. After deciding on a theme, make a guest list including friends and family.

How do you throw a graduation party for a college graduate?

Show off your college spirit with a graduation party that incorporates the colors of your graduate’s alma mater. Incorporate the colors in the party supplies and decorations. One of our favorite college graduation party ideas is to hang banners that showcase the year of graduation as well as a few graduation wishes.

What happens at senior high school graduation parties?

After the ceremony, buses take all the seniors to a surprise location for dinner, DJ, swimming, and activities. Grads load back on buses for the ride home at 3AM. Rest of the weekend, sleep. Pro Tip: if there are a series of parties in one day, the first party is where most of the eating will happen. People tend to graze at the events that follow.

How to plan an epic graduation party?

Your graduation party is an event that marks the end of an amazing chapter in your life. After all your hard work in high school or college, you deserve a celebration worth remembering. When planning an epic grad party, you’ll need to start thinking about themes and decorations.

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