How do I learn SEO?

How do I learn SEO?

6 Steps to Learn SEO for Free – Learn SEO at Home

  1. Understand the goal of SEO.
  2. Master keyword research.
  3. Know the difference between on-page and off-page SEO.
  4. Learn to identify UX signals.
  5. Embrace SEO-friendly content creation.
  6. Start link building.

How do I create a post in WordPress step by step?

To write a post:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administration Screen (Dashboard).
  2. Click the ‘Posts’ tab.
  3. Click the ‘Add New’ sub-tab.
  4. Start filling in the blanks: enter your post title in the upper field, and enter your post body content in the main post editing box below it.

How do posts work in WordPress?

What are Posts in WordPress? Posts are blog content listed in a reverse chronological order (newest content on top). You will see posts listed on your blog page. If you are using WordPress as a blog, then you will end up using posts for the majority of your website’s content.

What is difference between pages and posts?

Think of pages as your static content or “one-off” kind of content that will seldom need changing. This might for example be your About page, and is seen as timeless entities. Posts on the other hand are your blog entries or dynamic content that gets added regularly.

What is SEO in blogging?

Blog SEO is the practice of optimizing a blog’s content, site architecture and HTML code for search engines. Common tasks associated with blog SEO include on-page optimization, installing plugins, improving page loading speed and internal linking.

How do I SEO optimize my blog post?

Writing tips for SEO-friendly blog posts

  1. Think before you write!
  2. Devise a structure for your post.
  3. Use paragraphs and headings.
  4. Use transition words.
  5. Use related keywords.
  6. Optimize the length of your article.
  7. Link to existing content.
  8. Let other people read your post.

How do I make my WordPress posts look nice?

7 Tips to Create Eye-Catching WordPress Posts

  1. Avoid Text-Chunking to Keep Your Readers Focused.
  2. Make Good Use of Bullet Points and Subheadings to Quickly Get Your Point Across.
  3. Use a WordPress Plugin to Help Make Your Post More Interesting.
  4. The Title is the Ticket.
  5. Add Images to Every Post.
  6. Change Up the Font Size Every So Often.
  7. Use Grids for Optimal Page Layouts.

How do I blog for SEO?

6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

  1. Do your research. Keyword research is essential for on page optimization.
  2. Utilize keywords throughout your post.
  3. Optimize your images.
  4. Reference others with links.
  5. Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog.
  6. Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog posts.

What’s the difference between a blog and a post?

The Difference Between Blog Posts & Articles. Blog posts are actually a new form of writing while articles have been around for hundreds of years. Blog posts are posted in reverse chronological order (most recent first) while articles are time stamped on their publication date and not in a particular order.

What is SEO friendly content writing?

SEO-friendly content is the type of content that’s created in a way that helps the search engines rank it high. Although some marketers think this means it should be stuffed with keywords, it’s really meant to help them search engines find, understand, and connect your content to the topic you’re trying to cover.

Are pages or posts better for SEO?

While blog posts are an extremely valuable section of a practice’s website, the content pages are arguably the most important for SEO. This is because the pages on a medical or dental practice’s website are typically the primary source of information for visitors.

Do WordPress sites rank well?

Using WordPress Does NOT Mean You Will Receive Higher Search Rankings. “There is a lot of misinformation about WordPress websites always ranking better than websites built with website builders. In fact, this website is built on WordPress – because it is the best platform for writing blog posts.

What’s the difference between a page and a post in WordPress?

In a nutshell, pages are used for static content, whereas posts are for more timely content that is regularly updated. Depending on your website, you can have any combination of pages and posts.

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