How do I minify CSS and JS in WordPress?

How do I minify CSS and JS in WordPress?

How to Minify CSS and JavaScript Files in WordPress

  1. Search for WP Super Minify in the available search box.
  2. Scroll down until you find the WP Super Minify plugin and click the “Install Now” button and activate the plugin for use.
  3. On the left-hand admin panel click on Settings and select the WP Super Minify option.

How do I minify JavaScript and CSS file without plugin in WordPress?

Minifying Files Manually Simply select the CSS minifier or JS minifier tab and paste your code. Then click on the minify or compress button and after a few moments, you will get the minified version of your CSS or JS file. Just copy it and transfer it to your original file.

How do you minify CSS and JavaScript?

Go to and click the CSS minifier tab. Then paste the CSS code into the input box and click the Minify CSS button. After the new minified code is generated, copy the code. Then go back to the css file of your website and replace the code with the new minified version.

How do I reduce CSS in WordPress?

  1. Combine CSS & Javascript. One way to reduce HTTP requests is by combining multiple CSS and Javascript files.
  2. Minify code (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  3. Enable lazy load.
  4. Remove unneeded images.
  5. Reduce image file size.
  6. Disable unneeded plugins.
  7. Reduce external scripts.
  8. Use a CDN.

How do I fix some JavaScript files don’t seem to be minified?

You can go to Page Optimization -> Tuning Setting -> JS exclude and Defer JS exclude , remove JQ from the list , save , purge all , then it will be combined/minified.

How do I optimize JavaScript in WordPress?

First, you need to check the box next to ‘Optimize JavaScript Code’ option under the JavaScript Options block. Make sure that ‘Aggregate JS-files’ option is unchecked. Next, scroll down to the CSS Options box and check the ‘Optimize CSS Code’ option. Make sure that ‘Aggregate CSS-files’ option is unchecked.

How do you minify a JavaScript file?

To minify JavaScript, try UglifyJS. The Closure Compiler is also very effective. You can create a build process that uses these tools to minify and rename the development files and save them to a production directory.

How do I reduce unused CSS and JavaScript in WordPress?

On the post edit screen, you’ll find the Asset CleanUp box just below the post editor. The plugin will automatically fetch and list all the files and assets loaded when a visitor views this page on your website. You can then simply unload the unused CSS or JavaScript files that you don’t need on that page.

How do I reduce the size of a JavaScript file in WordPress?

8 Tips To Reduce JavaScript Execution Time In WordPress

  1. Find Problematic JavaScript Files.
  2. Removed Unused JavaScript And CSS.
  3. Optimize Third-Party JavaScript.
  4. Minify JavaScript And CSS.
  5. Defer JavaScript.
  6. Delay JavaScript.
  7. Use GZIP Or Brotli.
  8. Enable Improved Asset Loading In Elementor.

How do I minify a JavaScript file?