How do I recover data from a Western Digital external hard drive?

How do I recover data from a Western Digital external hard drive?

2. How to Perform Western Digital Disk Recovery

  1. Select “External Devices Recovery”
  2. Connect Western Elements hard drive.
  3. Choose the connected WD Elements drive.
  4. Scan the Western Digital hard drive.
  5. Deep scan the external hard drive.
  6. Recover files from Western Digital Elements external hard drive.

Does Western Digital offer data recovery?

Through our partner agreement with Western Digital, we are officially authorized and recommended to provide data recovery services on all of their storage devices. Our expert team is proud to offer Western Digital customers a wide range of services including hard drive and RAID data recovery.

How can I recover data from WD My Passport external hard drive for free?

Way 2: Use Recoverit Pro to recover data from WD Passport

  1. Connect the WD Passport to the computer.
  2. Select the WD Passport.
  3. You can preview some recoverable files after the scan.
  4. Choose the files that are to be retrieved.
  5. Note: You can recover your files easily with File modified date.
  6. Select a task or image to restore.

How can I recover data from external hard disk not recognized?

Here’s a lst of pro tips on how you can fix your Hard Drive, which is not being detected by your Windows PC.

  1. Try Plugging in the Hard Drive into another USB port.
  2. Try Connecting the External Hard Drive to Another Computer.
  3. Create a New Volume to the Unallocated Partition.
  4. Update Disk Drivers.
  5. Assign a Drive Letter.

What is the cost to recover data from a hard drive?

Basic hard drive data recovery costs average between $100 and $700, based on these factors. This price typically depends on the severity of damage and what is required to reach the point of data extraction. The hard drive data recovery cost might reach an advanced stage if the hard drive: Failed mechanically.

How can I recover data from an external hard drive that is not recognized?

To recover files from an external hard drive, you need to:

  1. Download and install Disk Drill on your Windows machine.
  2. Connect the external hard drive to your computer.
  3. Launch Disk Drill and select the external drive from the list of disks.
  4. Click the Search for lost data button to start scanning the drive.